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A lot has been happening with Siege of Inaolia, I'll try my best to summarize everything that has been going since our last news update.

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Whats happened since the last update?
Some significant progress has been made to the game, the level is operational, the walls and textures of Inaolia are in place, right now we're going over all our props and making sure the models reach a quality mark before they are textured and placed within the level, Forrest(Lead 3D Artist) is going to be working on some touch ups on Duncan's model while Kieran(Animator) is still working on perfecting Duncan's walk, yes, progress does seem slow but we are aiming for achieving a high quality standard as well as balancing our personal lives, as you all know this is not a paid project, just a bunch of committed guys working together to not only learn from each other but to also get in some real experience working on a truly awesome game.

We have also made a new video featuring the Orc Grunt animations thanks to Robert(Graphic Designer & Video Editor/Composer) you can check it out below.

Whats the Status on the GDD?
Danny and myself have finished writing the design document, currently hes doing some editing on it but for the most part, its done.

Where are you guys currently at with the game?
We are in the very early stages of Pre-alpha, what we are aiming for currently is checking up on our various assets, doing some touch-ups or remodeling if needed, texturing them, adding collision and finally placing them within the level.

Whats going on with the Story?
As you all know, we are very big on the story of Siege of Inaolia, for the story, I'm aiming to make the characters as 'real' as possible, asking the big questions before I write anything such as 'If I was with two other people, in a Fort that is directly in the warpath of an Orc army that possibly numbers in the millions, how would I react?' The Heroes are powerful and are able to hold their own against a few Orc's but even they know they cant possibly stand a chance against an army all on their own, this leads them to join forces out of fear of Death, this gives the characters a nice grounding, keeps them 'Human', with some luck I should be able to finish off the script by the time our next news update is posted.

What will the boss battles be like?
The boss battles will not only test your skill as a player but also as a team, the heroes know that the bosses aren't something they can take on alone and they reflect that within their conversations as they fight the boss as well as the boss pulling at their emotional strings as well as proving a tough foe to beat, I was inspired by this idea thanks to the Original Star Wars Trilogy Lightsaber battles, where the two would clash emotionally as well as physically, we hope to match that emotional feeling while Being way more physical, Ambitious? Yes! Awesome? Yes! But that is the Idea of Siege of Inaolia, we intend to be a genre changing game and really make a strong impact on the industry.

That's all for now, I'm going to attach a small preview of what our level looks like so far below, please remember that this is still very early in Pre-alpha.


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