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So its been a month since I last posted some news regarding Siege of Inaolia on IndieDB, here's whats been going on since then.

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Whats Changed Since Last Time?
Since last month the team has been working hard and their labors have brought fruit, Kieran has been working hard with the Orc animations and has completed the walk, he is currently working on animating Duncan's walk, melee and charge animations, Forrest, myself and our newest addition Lukasz are also hard at work on the various 3D assets of the game, Mormota is doing some hefty script writing as well as revising the character backgrounds, Rishi our level builder and Lance our Lead Programmer are each working on Populating the Level and working on the camera system respectively, while Dave and Aaron are working on the Soundtrack and various Orc Grunts.

So When Do You Guys Start Testing?
Quite soon in fact! With a bit of luck we might enter pre-alpha by the end of the month or starting week on July! Tho we wont have in players hands to try out for themselves until earliest by the End of August, we stick to the principle 'Its ready when its ready'
What Else Are You Working On?
We are also doing some revision work on our initial announcement trailer as well as some reworking on our logo, we are also working on some of the skills that will populate the players arsenal.


How Does Inaolia Look So Far?
Inaolia is approximately half a kilometer by a little less than half a kilometer, and it looks stunning, we intend to have Inaolia mostly destructible, not to the extent of the battlefield series but enough to cause a noticeable difference in the structure, Inaolia will also be highly detailed, areas will be paid close attention to make sure the player is immersed in the experience, Towers will have tables, chairs, weapon racks, bunks where the knights would have rested, Speaking of towers they are around 6 floors tall and the Main Castle within Fort Inaolia would have around 12 floors, hows that for scale.


For more information on development news as it happens do follow us on Twitter and on our Development Blog

Thanks for your time once again.


We are looking for some new additions to our team, the spots that are currently open are

  • 2D Artists(Illustrators)
  • 3D Animators

If you would like to join us drop us an email at or visit our contact forum on our website.

TheUnabridgedGamer - - 1,671 comments

Certainly at least sounds unique...

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B.R.V - - 96 comments

Anything about gameplay?..

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Helmlock Author
Helmlock - - 332 comments

Gameplay features were covered in Changing the way survival games are played #1 which was unfortunately not on the front page,Ive posted the link below and thanks for your interest.

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