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The past two weeks have brought a great deal of good and bad to the team, including a(final) engine swap back to UDK, lets recap on whats been going on.

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Whats Changed Since Last Time?
The Good - Since our last news post we have been able to pick up not one, not two, not even three but four new members to our team, Łukasz Horzelski (Animator), Ron Faucheux (Programmer), Matthew Walker (Environmental 3D Artist) and Aditya Nair (Concept Artist) all four of them show a burning passion for their work and we're glad to have them on board.

Lukasz our Lead Level Designer was able to come up with our first map in UDK for our 'survival arena' gameplay mode and I expect it shouldn't be too long before we actually have some orcs running about in there (keep in mind this map is still WIP and will constantly be improved) and I will be adding a few screens to our page soon, Matthew has also finished some rough, low poly models of the ruins that will be populating the layout and currently he is working on creating the high poly versions of the ruins, right now our Primary goal is getting this 'survival arena' up and running so that we have an initial foundation set up, this does not mean that we've stopped working on the story mode tho, the inclusion of this mode simply gives us more time to work on and refine our story mode and continue to work on the script, speaking of which the long promised Audio Preview is finally out thanks to some great work from our Composer/Sound Designer Dave Escobar, i'll attach the video below, let us know what you think of it by sounding off in the comments section.

The Bad - We recently had our old Lead Artist Paul Rascher leave us, we we're incredibly saddened by this news but part of life demands adjustment to change and even tho we will miss Paul dearly we will still strive to make Siege of Inaolia the best game that we can.

What Are Our Aims For The Next News Post?
For our next news post we aim to have the Orc Grunts moving about(Łukasz Horzelski is currently working on the combat, death, walking and running animations) in the 'survival arena' along with having our 3rd Person Camera all ready, Ron will be working on the 3rd Person Camera as well as the cover system and Aditya will be working on some more Concepts especially on the Daemons(I will be attaching his current Orc Shaman concept below), also by our next news post(possibly even sooner) I might have the new website up and running, in my opinion its much more visually pleasing as well as more interesting, I also will be working on some more weapons for the Orcs.

Concept Art

And Now A Special Thanks!
We've recently hit 106 watchers on IndieDB(at the time of this article) and around 7,700+ views on our game it is a really great thing to know that we've got so many fans and so much interest around our game and we hope the number keeps going up because its seeing that little number go up that gives us the strength to continue working on the game.

Want To Join Us?
We're looking for Character Artists that are committed, talented and passionate about their work, games and of course our game, if you think you've got what it takes send us an email at we'll send you our GDD and arrange a voice meeting to get you up to date.

Once again thanks for taking the time to read our news post, expect another in about 2 weeks time, If you like what you see like our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter, Subscribe on our Youtube Channel and don't forget to watch us on IndieDB.


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