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Details about the decision that make me change the idea and use definitly Blender as 3D plataform.

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In the past, when I started the process of creation of the game I used two tools for modeling process.
The first tool I had contact was Wings 3D, and I used it for years, the process in my case was:

Wings 3D:

  • Modeling
  • UVMap
  • Export to obj

Blender 3D:

  • Rigging
  • Animation / Posing
  • Export to fbx

But I always see the Blender's development, and when Blender 2.5 raise I use it many times, looking for ways to understand the modeling process in Blender and in Wings for match the differences and leave the Wings for use only Blender.

The new version of Blender have many improvements and now finally I can talk that I use only Blender to create my 3D Models (modelling, uvmap, rigging, animation and exportation).

Actually I have many models that I need in Wings, the game dont have models make 100% in Blender, but soon I'll have.

kaskade - - 68 comments

The grass/trees have a nice style!

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Kamikazi[Uk] - - 1,412 comments

Looks good, the English in this article is weird had to guess a few times what you were saying. Good work though.

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mcunha98 Author
mcunha98 - - 61 comments

Sorry, I know my english need to improvement...

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Joe_Shmoe - - 304 comments

mcunha, your English is really bad, I don't mean to be rude so don't take this wrong, but if you want to post an official article like this again, you should find someone that is English to help you word it out right, getting your grammar and such to make more sense.

If you like, you can send me a draft of your article and I'll fix it up and word it out right for you, and send back to you to post :)

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VasQuarde - - 237 comments

Blender is no slouch when it comes to model creation. It can do
everything other modelers can, just in a different way. Its GUI
may be daunting, but its strength is learning the hotkeys. Once
you do, you'll be using Blender like a pro. I'm not exactly sure
why more people don't use Blender. Its free, open source, and its
updated quite consistently. Supports many formats for games and
other applications (out of the box).

Don't dismiss Blender just cause its free. Its only as powerful
as the ones who use it. I haven't made anything special with it
yet, but I already like it better then 3DS Max, and Milk shape.

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Kamikazi[Uk] - - 1,412 comments

Blender is not dismissed because it's free, its because the GUI used to be impossible to learn. The new 2.5 version is really good though a brand new interface redesign.

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Joe_Shmoe - - 304 comments

lol, I just recently started using blender trying out the 3D modeling scene, and its just weird, because I find the old 2.4 interface much easier to use than the new 2.5... weird? I guess, but the 2.5 interface seems much prettier and appealing, I guess at the moment what I'm having trouble with 2.5 is finding where they moved the certain buttons and other stuff, especially since I am highly dependent on tutorials at the moment, and pretty much all the Blender tutorials are about 2.4 interface. (basic hotkeys are still there though)

But what I have noticed about the new 2.5 interface is being able to choose your layout, currently only default (new blender) interface and Maya "like" interface, which is great for transitioning. Should work on other interfaces to help the transition for most 3D software.

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mcunha98 Author
mcunha98 - - 61 comments

Kamizazi, I agree with you !
The greate problem in Blender was the GUI, 2.5 coming to resolve it !

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Sph!nx - - 722 comments

I love the design of the environmental models. Nice work!

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