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Please read this to know what the new update will bring

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Hello everyone, after a break I have developed the mod again, now I show you what the new mod will bring:

  • All armored vehicles and tanks will have the ability to use high explosive ammunition
  • the ability to set the minesweeper to the t26 medium was repaired
  • some descriptions have been modified
  • U.S. Capitan armament updates were removed
  • the ambush skill on the hunt was repaired
  • the 76mm gun was added to the m4a3e8 sherman, in addition to the improvements of placing the mine sweeper
  • the m4 zippo's 50cal. gunner was removed as it was not working properly
  • new sound effect
  • some sounds were repaired
  • it was enabled, automatic shooting for cromwell cs and cs churchill
  • the firing range parameters of all tank destroyers were modified (in camouflage mode), although they still have a problem that is being solved
  • the ability to use APCR ammunition from the 17-pound anti-tank gun was repaired
  • the faction of the USA have the upgrade of calling mechanics in motorpool and tankdepot
  • the British faction can build repair center, in which there are two royal engineers to repair any vehicle
  • he panzerelite faction can build repair center bunkers (like those built by the WH)
  • all special vehicles (like captured tanks) have the ability to repair
  • the damage parameter of the antitank rifles was modified, now they can damage any vehicle and tanks (although the superheavy tanks are useless)
  • the problem of skills in the commandos technological tree was corrected
  • New icons and descriptions were added
  • added the m1919a6 machine gun to the commandos
  • added the grenade launcher rifle to the assault commandos
  • new skills were added such as camouflage, fire-up, launching demolition charges
    to the SAS squadron
  • the parameters of damage, penetration and precision of the barrel of 17 pounds of the Achilles 
    were modified.
  • The US Captain and SS-Hauptsturmführer,the number of infantry has been reduced, from 3 units to only 1 unit
  • The doctrine of scorched earth tactics has been modified, now you can call an elite infantry called sturmgrenadiers
  • New vehicles for the commowealth: C15TA and C15TA Ambulance
  • Now in the airborne doctrine of the allies, in the gliders can build a 75mm Howitzer

From this point are the most current modifications

  • New ammunition system (For AT vehicles and tanks): now you can alternate between AP 
    (Armor Percing) and HE (High Explosive ammunition. Also you can use the APCR ammunition 
    but only when they update or unlock the ability (doctrine) 
  • the armament of the light and heavy antitank infantry has been changed, now they use rifles
  • New tank: improved Tetrarch
  • The explosion effect of each type of ammunition has been modified, now it is more realistic
  • the parameters of the speed of each type of projectile has been modified, now it is more realistic
  • The HP parameters (life points) of the infantry units have been modified. Now they are more 
    balanced between the standard and the elite

This is what I am working for the moment, be attentive to this topic since it will be updated to any changes that will be made to the mod

PD: If they find any error or problem, please notify me to repair it before releasing the new update. Like the suggestions



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Hi friend what you should improve in the mod is the United States faction because it has textures errors in all its buildings to want to build them they look green as if they were green plastics and some vehicles also have the same texture error that they are seen in green at the time of play that is the most important thing for the player. Also check one of the tank of the United States hangs the game when you want to use it and get out of the game, that you also have to solve it. especially the mistakes are in the faction of United States (USA)

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and a link to download?

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strike_07 Author

not yet available, is that the update did not finish. I do not know when it will be available at the moment I'm not working on it

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Hello Sir! May I still have some hope that you will keep going with this mod on? Your great mod is one of the few which are playable, which have many new units, principles and as I wrote here already - the sounds are amazing and the best of all!!! :-) ..pleeease..!

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strike_07 Author

I would like to finish the update of the mod, when I have free time I will finish it and I will release it

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all say "no range and numbers"

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