Members of the development team total war mod:

-Strike_07(creator of the Total War mod)
-baconatedfries(specializes in 3D modeling)

-Lucas(corsix mod studio work)
-saukopf(Chinese translator)

hello, now talk about some changes that were made in the mod

general changes for all factions:
- New command tree for all factions
- New damage system
- New infantry team
- Now all regular infantry (rifleman, grenadiers, etc.)
have the ability to throw grenades and antitank grenades
- Now all have team machine gun, mortar and sniper
- Now all have vehicles recognized
- Now all have halftracks
- New structures for heavy weapons
- Now all factions have light,medium and heavy antitank
- All the regular infantry can be
improved with some arms package as sub machine gun and light machine gun
- Now all factions have officers and combat medic
- There is now light tanks for each doctrine
- Now there are special tanks for each doctrine
- New sound and Explosion effect

general changes to the faction allied:
- In the infantry doctrine, now called the USMC riflemen
- The Rangers are built in barracks
- New infantry: usmc engineer
- The m26 pershing tank now built in tank deport
- New halftrack: m16, m21, t12, t48 and m15a1 halftrack
- New sites: m55 maxson AA - In armored doctrine, now called a single m26 super pershing
- In airbone doctrine called gliders, tanks like the jumbo sherman
- In the infantry doctrine can be called a tank like the Tiger II captured, and sdkfz 250 with 20mm canon captured

general changes to the British faction:
- In the doctrine commands are added a variety of infantry commandos, also can be called a captured sdkfz 222
- In the Royal Engineers doctrine can be called a tank, as the panther "cuckoo"
- New infantry units: sas squad, Canadian troops
- Can now build halftracks as the m5 halftrack
- Has added a new vehicle: light truck vehicles support
- There is more variety of bren carrier
- New vehicles recognition as the daimler scout car "dingo", stuar recce and jeep
- Further improvements to the infantry selection
- New antitank guns such as the m1 of 37mm and 6 pounder at

general changes to the axis faction:
- New Explosion effect for v1
- For the doctrine terror, now called the tiger ii, version porche
- For the blitzkrieg doctrine, now called a tiger ace
- New structures: flak bunker - Further improvement for Volksgrenadiers and grenadiers
- Now the tiger is built panzer command
- New tanks: i panzer, panzer iv ausf f1, tiger ausf e (latest version), elefant, etc.
- New variants for 251 sdkfz
- New variants for 234 sdkfz

General changes for panzer elite faction:
- New variants for sdkfz 250
- New variants for 222 sdkfz
- Further improvement for infantry airbone
- New tanks like the panther, tiger, panzer iv ausf H, jagdpanzer iv, Jagdtiger, etc..
- New antitank guns such as the pak 36, pak 38 and pak 40

this is a part of which is in the mod


I want to thank those who shared their work to:

- Relic
- Corsix
- Relic new forum members:
-MrScruffs (thank you very much for your work, I'd appreciate all life, Rest in Peace)
-Loran Korn(thank you very much for your work, I'd appreciate all life, Rest in Peace)
-Celéstial o Celution(is the same person :P)
-Lethal Dosage
-the community models projects

and a special thanks for helping me :
-Celéstial o Celution(is the same person :P)

is totally forbidden to edit this mod (only have the member permit the development of mod), moreover, is also forbidden to get some mod (models, skin, etc), if they want something send me a message

if anyone wants to join the group of mod developers, send me a message, but only if you know some editing mod (3d modeling, skin creation, programming, betatested,translators, etc.)

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I'm back

News 5 comments
hello to all the fans of the mod, after a long absence I have returned.
A few days ago I checked the page and I realized that I still use my mod after so long without developing it
well I come to bring you good news. 
As I see that they still use the mod and still have their problems
I will begin to develop the mod again but before all that I will make a reviews to know that it is ok and not 
because I do not remember where is the last time

another thing, I also come to tell you about why I stopped developing the mod, it's simple, there 
are only two reasons:

1)Little free time: Personally, I had little free time due to work and studies but now if I have several weeks
 of rest,I will use that time to work on the mod

2)loss of interest: this point is the main reason why I stopped modifying the mod
as you will have seen the mod has had many criticisms for the various problems it has and is that it is difficult
to work alone with this great project besides that everyone expects this perfect This is not easy anymore 
if you are doing all this alone since everything is in modifies and test each of the units and vehicles 
of the game, in addition to the skills adding to correct all problems, this becomes very frustrating and little 
by little the motivation to continue in this arduous work is lost. 
The only thing I ask of you all is that you have a lot of patience and that before you start criticizing
please discuss the problems you have so that they are solved

This is for the moment, any doubt or suggestion let me know

Regards! o7

Changes made for v1.2 Update (06/04/2019)

Changes made for v1.2 Update (06/04/2019)

News 8 comments

Please read this to know what the new update will bring

Company Of Heroes: Total War v1.1(Full Version)

Company Of Heroes: Total War v1.1(Full Version)

News 39 comments

Mod update,Please read the details of downloads and installation of the mod. Works for v2602 (THQ version) and v2700 (Version STEAM)

Changes made to the v1.1(update 10/5/17)

Changes made to the v1.1(update 10/5/17)

News 1 comment

Read this to know what new will bring the new version of the mod

Good News :D

Good News :D

News 2 comments

now begins the editing of mod the wait is over, now I come up with more ideas

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Total War Mod Update v1.0.1

Total War Mod Update v1.0.1

Patch 19 comments

Hello everyone This is a small update is to correct the bug of "Fatal Error AI" It is a beta version, so you can still have the error, if so tell me and...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 552)

cant find any files, mod dead? no download

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Neboj, jsou tady pořád ke stažení :-) Jdi do Articles, otevři článek
Company Of Heroes: Total War v1.1(Full Version) a sjeď dolu na diskuzi. Třetí od spodu je komentář od "rodpitbull" kde jsou čtyři odkazy na Mediafire. Všechny části se daj stáhnout i bez premium. Sice to stahuje cca 2-3 MB/s, ale já ti slibuju, že mod Total War je jeden z NEJLEPŠÍCH CoH modů! A ty zvuky...! Oooj, no prostě super! Vypatí se ti počkat si, vsadim klidně svoje botky ;-)

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How to download total war mod pls give me steps from using steam

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

just download the mod. then copy the files to where your coh is. open steam, click on properties and how the game would be launched and type the mod name there "-modname"

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Hi lads and greetings to mister strike_07! I must emphasize again, that Total War moddification is the BEST one or one of the best mods for CoH1! First of all, SOUNDS are the best of all mods and after a few hours of playing the TW mode it is almost impossible to play another CoH mod because other mods sounds to me and creates the impression of a "poor neighbor" :-) Of course that there are some other high-end mods (Blitzkrieg, NHC etc..), but to be honest the sounds of the game are (almost) the most cruitial from all sensoric factors for the player´s final atmospheric feeling of game. Thank you very very much for this moddification jewel for RTS-game-jewel, which CoH 1 undoubtly is! :-)

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Hi! I downloaded this mod, all great, but instead of having letters I always get the same message: $ (a series of numbers) no range "in all places where there should be letters...does anyone know how to fix this? Thanks

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