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Just a little preview of what's upcoming for 1.0b and future versions

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Jacob WILL match what he had in Mass Effect Galaxy, his loadout will be Assault Rifles and Heavy Weapons.

Will possibly switch Flame rounds for Overload and give Flame Rounds to Miranda, just fits her personality better imo.

No power changes, there's no way I've found to edit the strength, but I am looking still.

Mantis can only punch through shields with a headshot, otherwise one shot will take out the shields and the next shot will take out the target. Widow can still go right through both.

Will try to add as many DLC weapons as possible.

I've gotten the Incisor to be changed as of now, working on others.

Laser pistol should be interesting...that gives me a thought, I wonder if I can add laser to other weapons...might be fun on a sniper rifle :D

Just note, if you do not have the DLC, you can't have the weapon.

More weapon tweaks to make them more unique nothing concrete right now, that's probably going to take the longest to figure out as I'll have to test each weapon

One thought to making Mass Cannon aka Widow different is adding a charge up time to fire a shot hmm. Right now it's just ridiculously strong and pretty much the same weapon as the Mantis

Another thought, what if I did away with crosshairs and gave each weapon the laser?

I welcome all suggestions as this isn't a finished project.


Certain weapons would suit a laser sight, like the Locust, Mantis and the Cain. Other guns (tempest, avenger, some heavy weapons), probably not- inaccurate bullet-hose weapons, flame/icethrowers and homing missile launchers have little use for a laser pointer in my mind...

And for the widow, why not make it an incendiary weapon? Have its default ammo be Inferno ammo or Heavy Disruptor ammo, and give it a long reload time- maybe even adding in a recharging type noise (something like... bweee) to justify the new, longer reload time... though it seems to me if you make it charge before firing, that'd eliminate much of its use- targets rarely stay still long enough to be sniped.

Also, any chance of making the vindicator battle rifle actually fire 5shots/burst, instead of 3? The game states 5, the ammo counter shows 3.
Maybe give it more ammo to compensate, or just have it as a headshot-style weapon?

Carnifex could use a little more ammo, as the phalanx is currently better in every way but that's just a tiny balancing niggle, just to give carnifex a reason to be used again occasionally.

Also, possible to change things up so that shotgunners have SMG instead of Heavy Pistol as their backup weapon, otherwise they have 2 anti-armour guns and no anti-shield/barrier weapons...

Feel free to use or discard my ideas as time, ability and your own plans allow, though it'd be cool to see one or two implemented :)

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