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The full changelog of the mod, until the 3.7v version

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Main Features(0.8.8)

- New story (not yet fully developed)

- New protagonist

- New playable faction (Mercenaries)

- New facion bases

- All new "Faction Brain". A script that controls faction, monster and zombie alife written for the purpose of extended
Faction War campaign

- New scripts for enhancing faction expansions that keep enemy factions always a challenge.

- New dialogue options with squad commanders that allow the player to send a squad to a desired location.

- New items:

* Radio for controling player faction squads.

* Sleeping Bag

* Suits

- New Non-faction traders that sell rare items and give random tasks (information about NFT location can usually be
obtained by asking someone in the faction base)

- New random task system

- NPCs loot bodies

- AMK dynamic huds

- Enhanced PDA maps

- Upgrading base guards

- Map spots only show own faction

- Many more fixes that are to numerous to remember


- New script for spawning artifacts. Now every anomaly can spawn artifacts so whenever you see one grab your detector.

- Removed anomalies in Freedom Base (Army Warehouses) (The blurry effect on the towers remaind but is completly harmless)

- Removed any weapons or detectors that were scattered across the Zone.

- Tweaked additional quests given by squad commanders.

- I won't tell you all the changes. Would spoil your fun.


- Added a "caution margin" to monster "brain". Now monsters/zombies prefer to take different routes to avoid humans
during day time.

- Added base guards to Depot.

- Added new additional tasks and fixed old ones ( If a task was given by a traveling/defending squad and is failed or
cancelled there is no effect on player relation with his faction. )

- Increased offline squad resistance against mutant attacks.

- Added information about squads location when a squad is reporting.

- Added information about resource level when asking for faction report.


- Renamed Loner faction to Defiance. Created new skins for Defiance.

- Loners behave the same way they did in Shadow of Chernobyl apart from the fact that if two factions that are neutral
to Loners are fighting nearby, Loners try to get out of the way.

- Loners are now neutral to all factions apart from Monsters, Zombies, Monolith, Army and Renegades.

- Changed the monster "caution margin" to 95% during day time and 70% during night time.

- Added a script that distributes weapons to squad members.

- Added variation in squad member suits.

- Faction squads, apart from Loners, don't loot when they have an order or are moving.

- Added a small offset to artifact spawning locations because they spawned right in the center of anomalies.
Now they will spawn a bit next to the anomaly. (If the anomaly is on a slope the artifact might roll down )

- Faction brain will now keep two squads on any vital point unless there are no more squads in base barracks.
It is not essential for faction expansion progress to have two squads on each point, nor the brain will try
to replenish the point to that amount. Simply, when there are two squads present, the brain will not send one away.

- New model and skin variations for various npcs.

- Removed poltergeists from Red Forest mine.

- Added a debug_switch for testers so that they can fully monitor alife progress.


- Added a "settings" script to allow players to easily moddify many of the mod's features.

- Loot in stashes with the blue marker is now random if stash info was obtained from a corpse.

- Many scripts were optimised and hopefully fps number will increse on most machines.


- Changed the vanilla weapon preferance for NPCs because choosing a Hunting Rife over an AK seemd a rather illogical

- Changed npc ai mental state from "danger" to "free" while looting. I didn't like them "sneeking" to an object,
so now they go into sneak mode during looting only when there is some kind of danger around.

- Added new options to TFWsettings.script

- Added an ability for bandit players to extort items or money from Loners via dialogue. The more fellow bandits are nearby, the
bigger chance Loners will give away their possessions peacefully.

- Loners now ocasionally have special stuff to sell. They send out a radio message when they are selling something. Buying special
items from Loners improves their relation with the player and lowers the prices of the items in future business. The player
has to keep in mind that the world does not revolve around him and that Loners might sell their stuff to someone else. If you
see a message saying that the Loner found, and is selling a Dragunov, don't be suprised to see it in the hands of a Duty member
after some time.

- Added an XP system which is used to increase player's rank. Player's current XP points can be found under the "progress"
tab in the PDA. Most actions such as killing or buying/extorting special items grant XP points.

- Reworked the tasks given by NPF-traders. Now they get progressively harder with player's rank/resource level.

- Added sanctions for killing Loners. If the player is in a Loner friendly faction and kills one then he has to pay a sanction,
otherwise squads from his faction will not listen to orders. Sanctions are at least 10.000 Ru, so do be careful not to shoot Loners.
Sanctions can be paid at faction trader. This havs been made to enforce players to abide by some rules. Law is already very leanient
in the Zone, but I belive that factions had to impose some form of control on their memebrs.

- Tweaked Loner weapons a bit, so that they won't have e.g. an abakan early on.

- The player has the ability to become a Loner if he will roam in the Zone without joining any faction long enough. This
does not remove the option of joining a faction later on.

- It's possible to meet a squad from the Army or the Monolith patroling the Zone.

- Improved A-Life. Now, if there was a battle somewhere on an inactive level, you can actually see corpses lying around in that
location when you get there. Before there were no signs of any fights on inactive levels as faighting NPCs were simply removed.

- Optimised further many scripts for better performance.


- Added Loner Radio Chatter. Loners will now chat on their radio channel describing their thoughs, surroundings, recent events, etc.

- Added new tasks for non-faction traders. The tasks will refresh once a day.

- Reverted to original artifacts from Shadow of Chernobyl together with icons, models, and effects.

- Changed the "Radio" icon to a one looking more like an actual walkie-talkie.

- There's a new base in the Depot.

- Enemy faction expansion has been enhanced even further. Now enemy factions choose targets on their own, not following the pattern
defined in faction_ex_tables. This makes a faction a dynamic and unpredictable enemy.

- Optimised the mod to the best of my abilities.


- Companions!!! Probably the flag feature of TFW. Build your own squad and roam the Zone.

- New monsters: Rats, the Cat, the Burer and the Chimera, each with its own monster part.

- New clear sky variants: Clear Sky "Sunrise", Clear Sky Seva and Clear Sky Exoskeleton.

- Radio can be accessed by pressing F1 when in Main Menu.

- Added hotkeys to the Radio system. Just press the corresponding hotkey when in Radio menu to call a command.

- Removed the psi effect from the Yantar Factory.

- Duty trader buys monster parts for 2x their original value.

- Completely new faction equimpent tree.

- A new autosave system. Now the game autosaves more frequently rather then just on enetering a level.

- Neutral traders sell radios.

- Suits can be refitted and repainted at a faction mechanic. (Check "Instructions" section below)


- New radio GUI.

- New phrases and options in generic dialogues. Information is key to getting rich in the Zone. The more
you know the longer you'll live. Loners are especially well informed. Also, player's relation with Loners
and the Loner's rank influence the information the Loner might provide.

- Loner Ant can now use Loner suits.

- New PDA maps.

- Enabled emissions again together with special AI scripts that work similar to CoP. They are very rare.

- New breakable hud masks. Armor condition affects the mask.

- New online/offline switcher. Boosts performance by switching offline items that are beyond player's vision.

- Tweaked prices at traders.

- Clear Sky companions can now use CS alternative armors. (CS Sunrise, CS Seva, CS Exo)

- Bolo, the Depot mechanic can now moddify Assault Rifles into Sniper Rifles.

- New Durad icon.

- New level 1 Mercenary NPC model.

- Loner/Non-Faction players can now refine suits at faction mechanics.

- New options in TFWsettings.script.

- Added rare monster parts to "find part" random jobs.


- New mechanics of calling reinforcements.

- New settings menu to adjust your own gameplay.

- New upgrade schemes. (CoP style)

- After the player's faction grows a bit, he can choose which location to be the next target himself.

- Ability to set a specific region of the Zone for your faction to attack automatically.

- Tweaked NPC and player resistances for a bit more realistic combat.

- Companions use up ammunition.

- Companions use all suit parameters.

- Companions use artifact effects. They can only carry as many artifacts as many containers their suit has.

- New combat AI against mutants for NPCs. No more a small pack of dogs can kill a squad of 5 stalkers.

- Faction traders now give specific tasks for Loner players.

- Completly reworked tasks given by squad commanders. Good money can be earned here.

- Depot barman now gives information about faction movements.

- Unique Loner squads now roam the Zone, although their purpose is not yet presented. (Shovel's squad included)

- Emission interval is greatly increased.

- An RP element was added in a form of Trip Reports when moving from one area of the Zone to another.

- New AI for Loners that hang around camps with a trader.

- Added a droppable backpack that can used as a stash. The backpack can be taken again after dropping it.

- NPCs now loot stashes.

- Added padlock items at traders that can be used to lock a stash.

- Freedom now has shorter reinforcement arrival time on levels without a base.


- Added AtmosFear and Absolute Nature from Cromm Cruac.

- New weapons.

- New equipment at traders.

- New faction equipment tiers.

- NPC AI enhancements, especially for companions.

- New abilities for controllers.

- New trader offering top-of-the-line equipment. (Something like Nimble in CoP.)

- Upgrade descriptions now display the actual changes.

- New zombie models.

- New data saving system. (Creates a file *.tfw next to the original *.sav file)

- TFW Settings now available in Main Menu.

- Two new fighting styles for companions: Defencive and Offencive.

- Artifacts have a limited "life time" now. If they don't find an owner for 24 hours they desintegrate.

- Switched "Handling" to "Reciol" in weapon stats.

- Added actual ammo moddifiers from configs to ammo descriptions.


- Tweaked pathfinding a bit. Hopefully it will fix the
"any vertex in patrol path

  • is inaccessible for object [*]" errors.

    - Stalkers now ask the player to return items rather then just shoot.

    - Depot mechanic can upgrade all weapons, but it's 150% - 250% more expensive.

    - Reads save file information in the loading screen form *.tfw file rather then *.sav file.
    If there is no information about the save file stored in the *.tfw file(older saves},
    then it uses the *.sav file. Should prevent crashes in the loading screen.

    - Added the ability to give the "Attack" order to companions using the radio.


    - Introduced a whole new skill system to enhance the RPG aspect of the game.

    - Bandits can now rob the player of his money on random occasions.

    - Military helicopters patrol the Zone. A helicopter patrol may happen once a day
    if weather conditions allow it.

    - To help fight helicopters RPGs and rockets are available for purchase through the special loner trader.
    No other trader sells RPGs or rockets.

    - Companions can now use RPGs, but only against helicopters.

    - New AI secheme for stalkers to help them hide from helicopters. Similar to the AI
    used for hiding from emissions.

    - Weather is now planned for the whole day instead of being picked randomly from all
    weather cycles every hour.

    - A new RPG skill system. Whenever a new level is reached the player can choose
    one from a specific set of skills.

    - Added a very faint bleeding effect. Similar to the one in all modern games, just a
    bit more transparent.

    - The military outpost in Cordon now has air support. Attacking it is a big risk.

    - Relation drop for killing a stalker has been increased to 30%. Murder, even in the Zone, has to leave
    a mark on one's reputation.

    - Added IFF Transponders that mask the player and companions from helicopters.


    - Base guards are now invulnerable unless the player has been given a task to capture their base.


    - No stalker in the zone is invulnerable any longer.

    - Various tweaks to the perks from the skill system.

    - Helmets! A new slot for that special inventory item we all know from CoP.

    - Weapon accuracy overhaul. Base accuracy of all weapons has been greatly increased but accuracy upgrades only
    boost weapon accuracy by 5% max and all of them decrease rate of fire.

    - Mosin Nagant recieves a unique mounted scope but requires an expensive upgrade to be installed before the
    scope can be attached.

    - Bases are now much more defended. Guards take key sniping positions designated by a specialized AI script.
    Taking over a base will be much harder now on higher difficulty levels.

    - New inventory UI elements. A detail stats description with Durad's icon that changes when changing armor.

    - Some tweaks regarding helicopter and NPC AI.

    - Some more suits to buy from the Najebnik the special trader.

    - When a player captures a base it recieves a new trader and mechanic from his faction.

    - Around 10 new stalker models and skins, some of them unique to TFW.

    - Added a "Wait" feature to the sleeping bag. Now the player can speed up time regardless of
    beeing rested or not. However, Durad still gets tired and hungry when waiting, but at a slower rate.


    - Cleared all redundant information from the vanilla Clear Sky from all.spawn.

    - Remade the bloodsucker monster from the basics.

    - A major overhaul of the "Give me your stuff!" feature. See it yourself! Just read everything in the dialogue!

    - Changed the position of Military Warehouses <> Garbage level changers. Now they are like in SoC.

    - New alife messages. Loners now inform other stalkers if one of their buddies died. As always, it's fully thought through,
    and if nobody witnesses a stalker's death, nobody will send such a message.


    - Flash drives that unlock old, and new, routes between different regions. Can be bought at the Depot when enough
    good relation with Loners is reached.

    - Complete new AI scheme for Stalker vs. Stalker combat. Judge yourself.

    - The tactical helmet gets a complete new feature - IFF.

    - Added many new features to the Radio.


    Fix log:

    0.8.9 :

    - CTD When Joining Factions - fixed

    - Yantar door locking the player inside when zombies show up - fixed

    - Player being able to repeatedly join mercs and bandits for additional starting equipment - fixed

    - Radio and sleeping bag able to be sold to the barman - fixed

    - CTD when taking old freedom base w/ Freedom - fixed?

    - Missing string translations for events - fixed

    - Leaving Clear Sky base via guide causes CTD - fixed

    - Indestructable key NPC's at various locations in the zone. - fixed

    - Player doesn't recieve reward for fending off zombies in Yantar - fixed

    - Radio not working in Red Forest - fixed

    - Invincible Army squads in Garbage - fixed

    - Reports showing negative numbers - fixed

    - Merc missing subtitles - worked on but not tested, if works please do tell (only in english)

    0.9 :

    - Rewards for capturing bases - fixed

    - Unbalanced prices for Bandit Jacket upgrades - fixed

    - Additional quests - fixed

    - Voices for Duty NPCs with SEVAs - fixed

    - Squads ignoring mutants that chase the player - fixed

    - Corpses on Agroprom - fixed

    - Reward descriptions reporting wrong values - fixed

    - Attacking friendly units dosn't hurt faction relations - fixed

    - Player can give the "relocate" order before joining a faction - fixed

    - Too many mutants/zobies are spawned at a time - fixed


    - Ins. Building B spawning other factions then mercs - fixed

    - Wrong icons for npcs - fixed

    - CTD when all other factions are eliminated - fixed

    - Npcs walking into anomalies when a corpse is in anomalie's effect radius - fixed


    - Game relations config causing CTD. - fixed

    - Patrol manager causing CTD. - fixed

    - Various bugs with base guard squads. - fixed


    - CTD caused by treasure manager script. - fixed

    - Database loading error causing CTD (actor is nil). - fixed

    - Disabling looting for npcs in TFWsettings causing CTD. - fixed

    - Broken artifact respawning. - fixed

    - Broken caution margin for mutants assessment. - fixed

    - Base guards locking in "Defence" state. - fixed

    - Player model displaying wrong sutis - fixed

    - Various CTD's - hopefully fixed


    - A pause when killing a human NPC - fixed

    - Framedrop - hopefully fixed

    - Various CTD's - fixed (It was so long ago I don't remember which ones those were, sorry.)


    - Squads freezing and ignoring orders - fixed

    - Garbage freezes and crashes - hopefully fixed

    - Loner sounds and stories CTD - fixed

    - Artifact Traders mission leftover - removed

    - Reinforcement squads spawning near the player on border smarts - fixed


    - Expansion enhancing not working for enemy factions - fixed

    - Loner sound and stories CTD - fixed

    - Base cleaning script causing CTD - fixed

    - New mutants not leaving corpses on offline levels - fixed

    - Missing night attack dialogue for squad commanders - fixed

    - Removed redundand debug hotkeys from Main Menu - fixed

    - Swamps crash after entering/loading level - fixed

    - Missing glass texture (thanks to RoboMook) - fixed

    - Freedom SEVA suit shine reduced (thanks to RoboMook) - fixed

    - Ant's Freedom SEVA and standard freedom suit mixed up - fixed

    - Corrected all cs_scientific_outfit to cs_seva_outfit - fixed


    - Reinforcements getting stuck - fixed

    - Companions leaving or turning hostile after one shot - fixed

    - Player sleeps longer then was set on the sleep hud - fixed

    - CTDs during emissions - hopefully fixed

    - NPCs attacking Loner Ant (or vice versa) for no reason - fixed

    - Lots of other fixes for CTDs and other issues.


    - Fixed the switched effects of radiochemical and thermoelectrical upgrades for SEVA type suits.

    - Fixed the reliability upgrades actually cause some weapons to repair by shooting.

    - Fixed the missing textures for some Stalkers. All Stalker textures were adjusted just in case, hence the
    size of this patch.

    - Fixed companion status indicators to display their inventory weight correctly.

    - Optimised the emission script further. Hopefully it will be more stable this time.

    - Simplified functions determining weapon preference for Stalkers. This should reduce/remove C stack overflow

    - Fixed companion reaction when the player is fighting loners.

    - Fixed Loners ignoring the player when he attacks one of them in a group.

    - Fixed the silencer on the AKm 74/2 causing a CTD.

    - Further optimisations to the emission script were applied. Once again I hope this will solve the problem.
    (Please report on GSC forum if the game still crashes during emissions. Log appreciated.)

    - Optimised further the function responisble for weapon preference for NPCs. This should fix, or at least
    reduce, the C stack overflow errors. (Please report on GSC forum if the game still crashes with this error.
    Log appreciated.)

    - Fixed the faction quests related to neutral traders. The fix should start working on the next game day,
    when quests are refreshed. Best not to take the "Bring item to trader" quests until the clock strikes 00:00,
    just to be sure.

    - Fixed the CTD caused by taking a guide from Agroprom to Swamps.

    - Fixed the freeze effect after joining factions.

    - Fixed most memory leaks.

    - Fixed inefficient usage of LUA storage.


    - Fixed CTD when ordering squads via dialogue.

    - Fixed loner_awareness CTD.

    - Fixed CTD when running TFW on a newly installed game.

    - Fixed cats dying out of no reason when running.

    - Fixed large amount of bodies piling up in bases.

    - Fixed oversleeping.

    - Fixed constantly refreshing tasks.

    - Fixed special loner trader in general.

    - Fixed TFW starting when installed on wrong game version.

    - Fixed companion's inventory not refreshing when the player has more
    then one companion.

    - Fixed missing corpses used for "Recover PDA" tasks.

    - Fixed *.tfw and *.sav files desynchronising if game crashes during saving.

    - Fixed loner_awareness second CTD.

    - Fixed repeating negative reinforcement request reply.

    - Fixed the "Bring equipment box" task causing CTD.

    - Fixed wpn_deset_eagle typo in trader files.

    - Fixed Mercenary and Defiance traders not selling their own suits.

    - Fixed emission timer running even if the player disabled emissions.

    - Fixes all NPCs always wanting the player to give back items.

    - Fixes level_weathers.script causing crash on startup.

    - Fixes available squad number = 0

    - Fixes resource to tier allocation CTD when resource is 10.


    - Fixed CTD caused by companions choosing fire mode according to their weapon.

    - Fixed NPCs demanding equipment back from the player, even though he belonged to the same faction (excluding Bandits).

    - Fixed upgraded Mosin and TRG-22 not showing correct upgrade lists in their description pop-up.

    - Fixed NPCs spawning both types of .45 ammunition on death.


    - Fixed CTD caused by changing levels when a helicopter is nearby.

    - Fixed CTD caused by Monser Combat AI for Stalkers.

    - Fixed Bleeding effect appearing in white for 4x3 resolutions.

    - Fixed Cordon guard helicopters resetting helicopter patrols.


    - Fixed Helicopters not flying away after loading a saved game.

    - Fixed Bandit decision to rob the player resets after loading a saved game.

    - Fixed Relation with Loners not dropping after killing Loners in the Depot.

    - Fixed Clear Sky base stalkers counted into faction strength.


    - Fixed Firing with SIG 550 (SGi 5k) or L85 (IL 86) with attached silencer causes CTD.


    - Fixed Overlapping silencer settings for L85 (IL 86) causing CTD.

    - Fixed Loners trying to settle on Outpost under bridge in Cordon causing CTD.


    - Fixed Mercenary trader (Gypsy) not moving back to his position after hiding from helicopter.

    - Fixed Script spawning coprses in offline mode spawns live bloodsuckers that die when they turn visible.


    I know this doesn't sound too professional but I didn't keep track of fixes from the previous release.
    I can assure that there are many.


    - Fixed the "Synchronization" freeze in Cordon.

    - Fixed various issues with corpses.

    - Fixed various problems with level changes.

    - Fixed Forester's affiliation with Defiance. Now he's a loner.

    - Some script fixes here and there.


    - Fixed all radio issues.

    - Did a workaround for the weapon manager script. Should rectify C stack overflows.

    - Fixed CTD on faction help call.

    - Fixed missing textures.

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