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Changelog d2rCCV v1.a from d2r patch 2.4 - We want to have a fast early game and much more builds diversity in late game. We also want more challenges by increasing penalties in different modes. We finally want to accelerate your xp and drops by increasing x3 uniques monsters density per acts.

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-> Changes for characters

  • All characters begin with 250 in stamina, a cube and town portal/identify books.

  • They will have 20 stats points and 2 skills points per level up.

-> Changes per difficulty modes

  • Resistances penalty : -100 in normal, -200 in nightmare and -300 in hell.

  • Monster skills bonus : +3 lvl in normal, +9 lvl in nightmare and +21 lvl in hell.

  • Unique and Champion monsters damages bonus vs players : +300% in normal, +250% in nightmare and +200% in hell.

  • Prime Evils damages bonus vs players : +300% in all difficulties.

-> Changes for monsters density per acts

All uniques monsters density in each acts and in each difficulties are up to x3.

-> Changes for cube recipes

Add 105 new cube recipes in order to make new crafts objects from chipped and perfect gems.

d2rCCV modv1a 1

d2rCCV modv1a start

d2rCCV modv1a start2

d2rCCV modv1a start3

d2rCCV modv1a start4

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