Less grinding -> More fun -> More power with 20 stats and 2 skills per level -> More penalties in normal, nightmare and hell -> More fun with x3 uniques monsters density per acts -> More diversity with 105 news cube recipes for crafting -> More control by playing games in offline mode

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Changelog d2rCCV v1.a


-> Changes for characters

  • All characters begin with 250 in stamina, a cube and town portal/identify books.

  • They will have 20 stats points and 2 skills points per level up.

-> Changes per difficulty modes

  • Resistances penalty : -100 in normal, -200 in nightmare and -300 in hell.

  • Monster skills bonus : +3 lvl in normal, +9 lvl in nightmare and +21 lvl in hell.

  • Unique and Champion monsters damages bonus vs players : +300% in normal, +250% in nightmare and +200% in hell.

  • Prime Evils damages bonus vs players : +300% in all difficulties.

-> Changes for monsters density per acts

All uniques monsters density in each acts and in each difficulties are up to x3.

-> Changes for cube recipes

Add 105 new cube recipes in order to make new crafts objects from chipped and perfect gems.

d2rCCV modv1a 1

d2rCCV modv1a start

d2rCCV modv1a start2

d2rCCV modv1a start3

d2rCCV modv1a start4

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d2rCCV v1d

d2rCCV v1d


-> Change cube recipes for game balancing *Remove recipes for grand charm craft *Change recipes for small charm craft *Change recipes for oskill

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