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This Change Log contains recent development notes and the most recent features of the mod. Enjoy!

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##Development Notes##
The starred new feature i'd say is the redesigned the recruiting methods.
While normally you would have to go village to village, to save time I added a
game menu, this menu lets you select if you want to hire 1, 5, 10, or 20 of that nations culture.
Now Ostrich horses are pretty much done, I just need to fix the skeleton and the animations.
I will try to get pictures up for that as soon as possible.
Anyway enjoy the rest of the note,
Thanks for the interest! :)

##V0.2 In-Dev##- New global troop tree for all factions- My armor actually looks good now- Fixed a couple helmet problems- Changed some menus/windows- Made Kyoshi have a new recruiting option- Changed Npc's to Officer's- Changed some Strings- Fixed up some more textures- Redesigned the recruiting methods- Readded Calvary skills/Ostrich Horsies

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