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A changelog has been started so you can see all the features that have been added. Also contains recent development notes.

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I'd say the biggest thing in V0.1 i'd have to say, is the Ferry option.
The feature allows you to rent out a ferry for $300.
Now all armor's are anime like as well.
Team Avatar are characters such as Sakka and Katara.
It also now contains music from the movie, Thanks to Omnicrag.
I'm hoping for a release just around the corner.
##V0.1 In-Dev##
- Retextured the rest of the armor
- Fixed some armor/item names
- Added animations
- Fixed many minor bugs
- Changed the face gen window
- Added Team Avatar
- Added Ferry
- Even more music
##Pre Changelog##
- Made map
- Created Factions
- Created Cultures
- Added my own weapons/armor
- Retexture 90% of the stuff
- Added bending
- Balanced Factions
- Added Quickstart
- Added menu's
- Made Hd Texture pack
- New music
- Added Generals/Kings/Lords- Added Troops
- Temporaly removed Calvary
- Temporaly removed Calvary skills
- Ten's of bug fixes

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