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Part 4 of secret changelogs that were not shown while Shoppe Keep was in development prior it's early access on Steam. Barbarians, free mode cycles, statistics.

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Changelog Part 4

Welcome back! Todays agenda

ChangeLog 05.24 :

- Combat state let's you damage objects, kill customers
- Skeletons now have to be removed with a broom or face an impact on shop appeal
- Trash piles spawn when an object is destroyed, remove with broom
- Customers bleed when hit, if killed ragdolls and you have to use the broom
- Object hit FX
- Blood FX
- Barbarians attack the player
- Shooting a spell drains mana, wait to recharge it
- Player health recharges
- Dead barbarians/Customers eyes change
- Once a barbarian has spawned every customer, thief, havoc, innocent will just run out of the shop for their lives, kill barbarians to restore order.
- To spawn barbarians press O (For debugging purposes for now)
- Once a barbarian is damaged by the player (Sword damage works for now) all of them will gang up on the player
- Knockout animation and state done
- Barbarians want to destroy every display object in the store, after none are left, they will leave
- Havoc customer now can become any class, he will have a 1 in 25 chance to make a spawned customer want to knock off items
- Bots should now behave properly even with the dirt on the ground
- Barbarians drop their sword, you can not buy it, but you can sell it

ChangeLog 05.29:

- Objects will "flinch" when hit by a repair hammer or damaged
- Rats spawn in junk piles and will dirty the floor
- New Central UI Button:Statistics
- Statistics panel shows appeal and the causes that lower it including:
Body,Skeleton, Junk pile count and a progress bar of how dirty is the floor
- Specularity in objects as a test
- Animated menu buttons
- Shop size choice (The system is here, will be used when more shops come)
- Reworked the start of free mode
- Moved the "Press E to open shop" in a more appropriate place
- Barbarians spawn each time 100 customers spawn
- We have another lose condition - Shop Appeal
- 4 Time phases in free mode (Build,Morning,Day,Evening)
- Skip time phases with M(Debug reasons the cost is 0 gold, so skip away)
- Debug reasons Build mode has 0 SPM, Morning 50 SPM,Day 38 SPM, Evening 12 SPM
- A watch...Yeh, state 5 (Press 5 to check your watch)

Well wow. Let's dive straight in shall we?! Starting from the top - 05.24: This is the first screenshot of the combat state, this state let's you have a weapon in the left hand and a rechargeable one shot kill spell in the right hand! And the weapon will damage everything including customers and your own store objects that you use to display products (Remember object deterioration from the last post? It reduces the durability AKA damaging it)


Skeletons instead of dissolving like they used to, now will inflict a dent into the overall shop appeal unless removed with the broom via the clean/fix state, same goes for trash piles that spawn when any objects that weredestroyed by you, deterioration or some barbarians who just dislike your stuff. Same goes for barbarian / customer bodies which drop down once deceased and then their eyes change into a familiar shape that we all know which happens to any deceased person (We are shooting for realism in this)

X_X Dead


The game started throwing a new threat for your shop - barbarians, they tend to spawn in packs, and like a well managed and appealing shops - they have only one goal in their small heads - to be free and to destroy display objects in said shops. If unchallenged they will not attack the player, but once the player shows at least a slightest wish to defend their shop, they will gang up on him and try to knock him out, while they continue their rampage on the shop. (One aspect that they did was to drop their unique swords that could be sold to customers, but that changed drastically in the recent past)


Other changes and additions for said day was mainly fixes, debug additions and havoc customer remakes (The guy that just wants to knock out items in the shop). Let's talk 05.29

Some visual feedback added to notice if an object is getting hit/fixed or in any way it's durability altered as a "flinch"


Once an object is destroyed by any means will spawn a trash pile as discussed, this in turn attracts rats that dirten up the floor, so it is smart to remove the trash piles as soon as possible, before cleaning up the floor. The new loosing condition is directly influenced by the appeal, some scenarios will have a specific % of appeal your shop must hold in order to win. You will be able to check your appeal rating with the new UI button Stats, as well it will show how many junk piles, bodies, skeletons you have in your shop, and how dirty the floor is.


Free mode got a day cycle. you start in building phase which will not end untill the shop is opened, after that the Morning, Day and Evening phases go ending in the shop closing and returning into Build mode. While in build mode the builder state is available in which we can place, remove, rotate display objects around the shop. Each phase has it's own rate of customer spawns, having the Day phase having the most customers spawned overall simulating rush hours etc. There are ways to alter the spawn rate, but more on that later. To check the current phase there is a watch which shows the phase we are currently in and as well let's us spend some of our gold to skip a whole day for whichever reason we want to do that.


Other changes included testing new shaders that let us add specularity to your visual style. Made the barbarians spawn after every 100 customers have spawned.Had the reminder about pressing E to open the shop over the door. Part 5 coming soon!

And as always - Stay tuned!

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And follow us on twitter - Shoppe Keep dev Twitter

taintedpyro813 - - 664 comments

Awesome update keep up the good work

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drjd24 - - 299 comments

The first part of the changelog is amazing. "lets you kill customers" >.< Must be some small loophole in the legality of owning a shop for that :D

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Arvydas_Zemaitis Author
Arvydas_Zemaitis - - 49 comments

You are the law in your own shop! Not counting the tax man who takes some of your profits from time to time >_> too bad he doesn't show up in person to the shop...

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