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Changelog, to the new version Hybrid for day 27.10.15

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0.(0)1 - Back to work :P

0.1 - Add new weather, SWTC

0.2 - Add new Particle, Particle Paradise 3 CS Edition, version to CS by Me :P

0.3 - Add new Arsenal Weapons, STCS Weapon Pack 2.6

0.4 - Add mod SRP v1.0.6, fix bugs after the official patch v1.5.10.

0.44 - Fix War Faction in Marsh

0.5 - Add Variation Mod 1.41, new 344 meshes for NPC

0.52 - Add sleeping bag and backpack, removed in version 1.0 (not good working)

0.58 - Add new Inventory and Hud

0.63 - Add pause before you start game, a'la for CoP

0.67 - Add money for dead NPC

0.71 - Add New Models for Variation Mod to all NPC

0.77 - Add small mods (removed icon disc, re-texture detectors, etc.)

0.78 - Removed All teleport anomaly in Limansk, too many down fps.

0.78 -> 1.0 - tests, tests and tests...


It was good move to use STCS, I played only one mod with it and it's best weapon pack for me, just limited to only one game while other weapon packs are made for all 3 games.
I'm playing now, was shocked by shotgun effectiveness on distances, even sawed-off took renegades from 20+meters, something that won't happen in other games and mods.
And you're right - now taking control over Marshes is not rushing and hectic.

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Junx Author

Thx guys, but version 1.1 coming Q1 2016 ;]

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