Despite the name S.W.T.C. more than weather events. All i do for the game in general,
some of the textures will be edited/replaced if need be. Just do as i want to make the
overall picture of the game diverse, but in one unique style, not far from original GSC's

    This mod includes:

  • Very diverse, but live weather
  • Perfect game of color and shadows
  • Improved all new skydome textures
  • Unpredictable random weather
  • New environment sounds
  • New tweaked shaders settings
  • Amazing multistage sunsets and sunrises
  • Lively atmosphere
  • Additional textures pack(optinally)

  • S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Weather Total Conversion is a graphical modification aimed at
  • both creating new weather cycles and editing already existent ones in game.
  • This mod uses over 120 new sky box textures to achieve this goal.
  • I use all my creativity to create a truly unique moments in the game.
  • The right balance of colors and shade. I want to make the game world is magical,
    mysterious and dark, but addictive at the same time.
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Comments  (0 - 10 of 74)
Stachelhaut - - 271 comments

For those searching this mod - I found it here:

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sterno - - 12 comments

where to download this mod ?
edit: found in reddit stalker mod repositories.

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ralphonzo - - 13 comments

This looks great, although at only 5 fps till I put together a new build soon...

Can you tell me how you modified the renderer dlls? I'm hoping you already patched in increased grass draw distance as I can't use Kocayine's script to patch a pre-modified version. Is draw distance already increased? Thanks for all your work. I'll be using your version of the r3 dll regardless.

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Diana.Petran - - 118 comments

Use R2 render and you can play it at max settings ,r3 render is bugged thats why you have low fps

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ralphonzo - - 13 comments

After finally playing a bit, I've concluded you definitely increased grass draw distance considerably :P That is likely the main performance hit people experience after installing this mod.

It runs great on my Haswell-E/GTX 970 rig in DX 10.1 mode with 2x MSAA (including on foliage) and everything maxed out except sun shadows. I feel quite safe in saying that the performance of sun shadows during dusk and dawn is in fact engine-limited. Without your mod, my FPS with sun shadows enabled is roughly the same on my new rig and my old HD 5850-based rig I put together in 2009. No one will ever run Clear Sky with sun shadows at a silky and consistent framerate unless the engine itself is overhauled.

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Milchknilch - - 8 comments

Very nice work, thank you!
I just wanted to mention that I have to lower the quality of the sun rays (known from original game) otherwise fps are breaking down to 10 fps or less, which makes it impossible to aim at anybody ;)

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GragHat Creator
GragHat - - 275 comments

Nope. SWTC include sun-rays fix, which boost fps dramaticly.

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GragHat Creator
GragHat - - 275 comments

Only on dx9:)

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Wizd3m - - 10 comments

Finally got around to trying it, and it's beautiful! Spacibo for your efforts Vincent. Also, for anyone interested, I'm using Absolute Nature 2, Absolute Structures, and SRP 1.0.3a along with it without any issues.

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bybyx - - 147 comments

What is the proper order to install SWTC, AN, AS, and SRP?

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