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Steam Greenlight is gone a year ago, and Plans have been changed.....

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Changes of Plans [IMPORTANT]

Sadly, I couldn't make Physics Playground free to play on Steam, due to the fact the Steam Greenlight has shutdown a year ago, and forgot to announce this, sorry. But when its shutdown in order to put a game on steam I have to pay 100$ EACH time I upload a game, instead of just paying once and its done. So I am going to make Physics Playground free for a week or less then I would make it not be free to play, price is not decided yet, It might be between 5-15$ as the price, which is good, It might be close to 10$. So i hope your aren't mad, especially for the ones who are not allowed by their parents to buy games, I'll do that for my other game Pudersower.

Behind the scenes

Physics Playground is safe with me, there was one time where I couldn't develop the game due to the version 4.11 of unreal engine is crashing on launch, so I upgraded to the latest version 4.17, and it turned out to be way better than before, even graphics improved, so I added dirt masks, improved the performance and more....

I can see the game is going to the right direction and I hope your seeing it too!

If you encountered any bugs in the game, please report it to me in anyway you want. :^)

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