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Following is the changelog for Ultimate Balance Mod

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Change log (light):

* Fixed civilian growth bug
* Fixed various abuses & minor bugs
* Fixed various mini dump sources
* Increased visibility of some abilities
* Partially fixed smuggling via nerfing it
* Improved graphics
* Factions have a small base bonus to make them more unique
* Feed button now gives 1500 (instead 250)

* Increased cost of the 1st civilian upgrade (Colonization ROI now closer to other economy sources)
* Increased amount of population from population techs (ROI now closer to other economy sources)
* Reduced defensive side advantages. (Those will take more time to prepare)
* Increased impact of the culture
* Increased trade port base income, but reduced scaling with numbers

* Starting fleet supply increased
* Laboratories cost repurposed to have resources focus. Construction speed decreased
* Increased capital ship culture repel rate
* Disabled focus fire for most of the ships

* Tec have more fleet supply than others, and ship build speed into the late game
--- Excell in economy & quantity (we are loyal to vanilla lore)
* Advent have more focus on early access to late game technology
--- Excell in mid game pushed, technologies, culture (we are loyal to vanilla lore)
* Vasari now actually a fleet. It's usage is however very new, and is to understand as "assymetrical balance"*
--- Vasari no longer rely purely on sb on chokes, but it is recommeneded to play with other races first, as they are very unique in their gameplay
--- Excell in quality, highly technological fleet, speed

* Reduced impact of titans
* Capital ships reworked, to even them out. Now each of them is useful.
* Strongest capital ship ultimates moved to lvl 7,9 (from lvl 6,8)
* Damage multipliers reworked, to make counter-playing more viable. (But the counters are very much the same as in vanilla)
* Some of the "OP" stuff, instead of getting a stats nerf, got "timing" nerf. Meaning it will take longer to research/build.
* Mixed fleets will win against mono fleets

This was the changelog in short.
There is longer version of it:
However it does look very complicated, as it uses the modding language, and brings up every single tiny change done in the mod. It exists more in order to keep a track for other modders. Knowing each single line of the changelog will not provide you advantage over others. You can pretty much go by feeling and make it right.
This in fact cannot be said about vanilla balance, as a lot of stuff there, is counterintuitive. The UBM tried to become intuitive.

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