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Update to the community mutator made mainly by Grum and Dittler, with exceptional contributions of captain xavious, shadow blade and black eagle.

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Animated pickup animations

Far Cry 2 inspired pickup animations now featured in Ballistic Weapons! Each BW weapon can be picked up with a beatiful animation. 9 different Animations are present and all of the stock BW weapons are setup to use the new animations. The pickup system is entirely mod ready. Different Bonuspack guns can be easily added to an external ini located in 2k4s system folder without writing any line of code. Further, each weapon, even the stock ones, can be configured individually. If you dont like the way a gun is picked up, you simply change the animation number, rotation and the location offset yourself.

If you picked up an item, it will be equipped automatically.

Here are a few screenshots:


• Fixed client physic emulation
• Fixed client gore effects
• specific Neck break- and heartbeat sound for robots


- Paul "Grum" Haack

- Kristian "Dittler" Ditt
- Paul "Grum" Haack

Arn "Shadow Blade" Richert
Kristian "Dittler" Ditt

Special Thanks

My Wife
- For always being there and the acceptance of my absence for countless hours.

Logan "Black Eagle" Richert
- For general consulting in coding matters.

Captain Xavious
- For the animations i used for the new pickup system

Head here ...

Reactorcore - - 644 comments

If someone has a ready file for Sgt Kelly's bonus pack, it'd be cool to have it available somewhere handy near by too.

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Mighty_Guy - - 337 comments

I downloaded and installed this mod. When I loaded up the game the server list says "Animated Weapons Pickup: False" even though it was checked in the Mutators Configuration. It even says it in the .ini. What's going on?

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Mernom - - 718 comments

is it working?did you check?
i fould that CF is really half dead when you use it in pickup matches.

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Make sure you have a clean install of BW 2.5 and only the
Mutators: "LoadoutExpanded" and "CFMutator" activated.
Than it works just fine. Also make sure that the
"CrazyFroggersMeshCache.ini" is inside the System folder.

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SweetRamona - - 5,114 comments


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Mernom - - 718 comments

so it can only be downloaded at the site?

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Blade_Sword Author
Blade_Sword - - 614 comments

It's been updated at moddb, you can download the latest CF mutator here, the link will be updated with newer versions.
Also the weapon packs that like the herr doctor and LDG are still ongoing. I'm personally making something new for these ;)

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thedexteroo - - 5 comments

Cadavre drag trails won't appear for me, with or without this mutator. Does anybody know how to fix this?

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