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It's quite simple, Centuria needs a team (UDK developer) which will continue making this game. Centuria is a game with very interesting and original idea.

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If anybody knows good dev team which would like to finish this game, let me know by PM.
It doesn't really matter that Centuria will be a royalty game, non-paid or it will be your side project. Game has been making since october 2008 mainly by me. I'm rather an environment artist than lead developer. So now you see why only models have been made for Centuria. Don't forget that starting you have a lot of weapon models and 358 watchers on moddb profile ;)

(new version of gallic scutum)

To sum up Centuria needs a team (UDK developer) which will continue making this game. PM me.
SolidFake - - 1,200 comments

oh, wow, it would really be a shame if that idea and the models would dissappear somewhere, it has so much potential

good luck!

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RKotern Author
RKotern - - 295 comments

Thank you mate!

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myles - - 854 comments

With a little tweaking some of those props would be really nice, can I suggest you release them for the public to use? They would still have to give you credit but your stuff would get used.

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Suduki - - 49 comments

It would be awesome to get access to all your art, but I'm still just learning the UnrealScript.

Sorry ;)

EDIT: You could release your stuff under a license :)

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NeonGho - - 2 comments

Hi , im neongho , im a coder of UDK , i can do anything withunreascript
I love ancient history , it's my passion , and the fact that you go for the realism , it's something i like to see in a ancient game , and not a fail like ryse is.
Let's negotiate fellow citzen!

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