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Did you think the Titanic had sunk? Well historically that would be accurate but we're here to break the rules.

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Sing your favorite sea shanty because guess what? We're back!!

We haven't kept you updated in a while, and we're sorry for that. However, it's time to get back into ship-shape and sail our way into game development news! (Oh yeah, the puns are back too).

This past year was a little rough. With the loss of a few team members and time spent keeping ourselves afloat, we for sure thought the S.S. Titanic had sunk.

But, unlike maritime's greatest mistake, this Titanic will never sink. We are now back at work harder than ever and have much to share with you. And because it's Valentine's Day, we wanted to tell you that, to make sure you know how much we love you.

You know who else we love? Our new team member Robert! He will be helping Jaxon out with the programming and also the creative design of the game. Welcome aboard Robert!

But you probably don't care about all that, you just want an update right? Well don't worry your favorite sea-faring captains are here with good news! We've made a ton of progress, as can be seen below. Until next time, smooth sailing!


  • Added phone on/off animation
  • Updated Jump animation
    • Looked unnatural before, but now it's looking very niiiccccee
  • Lots of polish to the current animations to fix clipping, improve animation timing, and enhance visual quality


  • We made a complete overhaul of our texture/shader pipeline to now use "master" materials.
    • This has helped us improve performance dramatically.
  • Modeling/Environment
    • Tons of new toys, games, and miscellaneous objects for the Children's Ward
    • New foliage (grass, trees) for the exterior of the asylum
    • Lots of models for the Nurse's Stations
    • Added more variety of assets to the Community Room
  • In addition to tons of modeling, we have improved our workflow for our artists so we now have complete reference lists of assets to make.
    • This should help improve efficiency and thus get the game done sooner!


  • Added the interior overworld music
  • Added room specific music
    • Children's ward (creepy kid noises)
    • Hallways
  • Added exterior sound system
  • Added model specific sound effects
    • Tree rustling
    • Heaters running
    • Lights humming
    • Door creaking


  • Added the Introductory sequence for the game!
    • Aka, what all that happens when you press play for the first time
  • Developed some of the main puzzles for the alpha version of the game
  • Began reworking the AI to behave more erratically/paranormally
  • Added notifications to the phone
    • We can dynamically alert the player that something has happened in one of the apps to draw attention to it
  • Implemented the fully functional texting mechanic and messaging app
  • Worked more on the settings/main menu app


Additional in-game images can also be found on the link provided above.

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