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The development of this MOD has been a long drawn out bumpy road that nobody expected.

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I'm finally after all this time, starting to pick up some pace. With one setback after another after another, I am finally making some solid progress above just doing what everyone else has already done. I finally able to make my own assets, and I want to tell you about it.

If you don't want to keep reading this article, just come back on Christmas Day or something, I'll have a Beta Release by then. Yes, that Beta Release will likely contain lots of placeholders.

Moving on, as I stated already, I'm finally able to make my own assets. With some guidance from members of the community, I'm finally making headway. Sure, it might not be perfect, in fact, it might just be yet another flop in the world of Command & Conquer. However, if one person enjoys my work, then that's good enough for me. Sure, it's not like Tiberium Essence or the Forgotten MOD, but they are their own MOD projects and each of them have their own goal. That goal is not the same as mine.

Tiberium Essence - A parallel set of events set around Tiberian Sun and Tiberium Wars.
Forgotten MOD - A set of events on the Tiberium Wars Timeline, and set prior to my own MOD. Yes, my MOD will make reference to the Forgotten MOD. So, I would recommend that you play its campaign to familiarise yourself.

My MOD aims to continue from the events of EA's Tiberian Twilight. Yes, EA may have made a mess of things, but everybody makes mistakes, and life moves on. So, my MOD is taking that mess and picking it up and using it as a kickboard for the Storyline. A few concept Maps have already been built, but those versions will not be released. Besides, the concept Maps are not all nice looking, they haven't even been painted properly, if at all.

Currently, I am producing the CCS Tech Centre. This is an Underground type of structure that has a crane on it. It spans above ground about 80 units of height upward, with the Crane adding an additional 20-30 units of height. If the Model end up too big in game, I'll just reduce it down a little.

I'm making Videos as I go, so you can see an "In-The-Making-Of" that structure. I will post them as Uncut Videos, though they will be time-lapsed due to restrictions on filesizes of uploaded Videos.

So, that's my update for you, sorry for the wait, but it shouldn't be too long now.

P.S.- I'm looking for Voice Actors (Male and Female) of various Languages: Japanese and English mostly.
Details: Japanese Voice Actors will need to read English Scripts and will be expected to make any changes to make the conversation flow better in Cinematic Cutscenes. Nothing more cringe-worthy than a bunch of foreign words being thrown together without a proper understanding of the language.

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