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Catyph: The Kunci Experiment is my 2nd Myst-like game in Space with challenging puzzles, released a year ago. This giveaway celebrates its first anniversary.

You play an astronaut in prerendered 3D environments, on an exotic moon named Tytaah. In this point and click adventure game reminiscent of Myst and Rhem, and spiritual sequel to my game ASA: A Space Adventure, you have to save your planet (Terra) from an unexpected threat. With the help of your AI, with the useful info provided by general Lantier, and with your intelligence, visit the 7 vast and varied regions to gather small black cubes required by a mysterious man: Germinal. Learn more about him, discover what the Kunci is, and do your best to get back home.

This game was mainly made for the fans of old-school 1st person adventure games who are nostalgic of the Myst era. Catyph will ask you a very strong involvment (over 20 hours of gameplay if you don't use a walkthrough), it has no action scenes and no battles, and it is necessary to play with a pen and a paper to take useful notes...

Good luck everyone!

Catyph: The Kunci Experiment Giveaway - Indie DB

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