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We’ve made adjustments and added some extra flavor to make Catch A Fairy tastier than ever! Check what is new on Catch A Fairy 4.0.2! Our lastest update.

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We’ve made adjustments and added some extra flavor to make Catch A Fairy tastier than ever. Our focus was to supplement the rhythmic play style with additional features that will encourage players to return to the game.

The first step was reflecting on the feedback we received combined with our own personal observations. Some key points we highlighted was that the game didn’t progress much after one cycle except for the increase of speed, players didn’t have any long-term goals between game sessions, and the flow of the game remained fairly static.

Fairies aren’t so alone anymore. Our simple solution to evolving gameplay over multiple cycles is to add additional fairies per level. Over time, more fairies will populate the screen as the player completes cycles. Players will now be able to time their tongue shots to chain multiple fairies for bigger scores. Also, the screen won't feel as empty to boot.


Some new tongues added. The frog’s tongue has different models now. He adapted to overcome the many fairies that will now appear at the same time. Initially, the game spiked in difficulty as players needed to catch increasing amount of fairies with the same timer. We concluded that adding a new frog’s tongue will be a funner solution than simply increasing the timer per cycle. Now, the player can be catching multiple fairies in a single shot. Another possible mutation was adding additional tongues but more testing is needed.

The frog gets a wardrobe. Players can now unlock skins with currency they earn after each session. The reasoning is to create the sensation of progress even though the game always restarts with each playthrough. Coins will be awarded after the frog croaks with varying amounts depending on the final score. This way, players can save up to purchase their favorite skins that encourage them to return to the game.


Adding the cherry on top. The final addition is to cap each cycle with a bonus level. This stage is filled with fairies that the frog can gobble up with glee to rack up extra points before prestiging. More points also mean extra coins. We felt that the bonus level will vary the flow of gameplay where the player can relax before starting a harder cycle.

Overall, we’re satisfied with the outcome of our adjustments and our hope is that the game will be catchier than ever. There’s still more than can be learned and adjusted so feedback is always a plus. We appreciate all suggestions, observations, and skin ideas so don’t hesitate to comment. Also, there’s more in store so stay tuned to upcoming posts.

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