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Castle Dead has been released. Download today. Have Fun. :)

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Castle Dead Game: C&C Generals Zero HourType: 1v1Resources: rich with oil and lots of suppliesDescription: to players are across a canyon from each other but to reach each other with ground units they must head north. Also to the north is an abandoned soviet fortress with an easily defensible position brimming with supplies as well as an oil refinery. He/She who controls the fortress will be able to control the region so it is hotly contested.

Castle Dead Alpha 3Castle Dead Alpha 3
Castle Dead Alpha 2

Outdated but still good for layout
Castle Dead Alpha

PeeWee_89 - - 241 comments


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SveaRikeSoldier - - 1,625 comments

Why do you post news on a map that has been realesed? Christ, its just a MAP! You dont haf to put up news for it.

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FeuerAegis Author
FeuerAegis - - 222 comments

Because I released it. IT is the first map I can consider worth releasing and who says people would automatically notice it at the downloads section.

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SveaRikeSoldier - - 1,625 comments

Well, I have seen better maps worth putting up news for...

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frankenstine - - 1 comments

Hi, is it possible to play C&C zero hour on a recent pc with windows 7 ? If not, what is the good configuration to this ?
I was plying this on Mac 10 years ago and i'm ready to buy 2 PC windows only to play C&C.


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OutcastOne - - 456 comments

Yeah it's possible, i'm playing generals via First Decade and it works fine.

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