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The Castle is the largest map in the game at this moment. It sits on a mountain range in the middle of the beautiful river valley. Surrounding it on all sides is an untamed forest. It's designed in a mirror style with many covers and passes.

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This arena is perfectly balanced and gives many tactical and strategy opportunities to test your skill. It is complex and has at least two separated battle areas: main hall and armory. Each of them keeps enough resources to make a new infantry and completely rebuild your forces according to the new situation. So, even if you lose in the main hall, you can always take position in armory and vice versa. And of course you can hide in small rooms or corners on your side of the arena waiting for opponent to mistake and making a deadly trap summoning a group of swordsmen in a last moment. The large number of units on the map in the midgame makes it look like real epic battle.









Castle battlefield - Youtube

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