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This is a handy-dandy sheet that tells you what roles have voices and what roles don't! Anyone you don't see a name next to is fair game. Please don't hesitate to follow the link below and audition! I'll keep this updated as often as I can.

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To Audition, read this over and send me a message through my contact form. I'll then send you over the lines.

You can also send me your information through messages here or on Deviantart.

Key: The more stars, the more extensive the work will be.

**** = Main character, almost throughout the whole game.

*** = Secondary character, not in every level but has a significant focus

** = Tertiary character, still important, but less lines or playtime than the above.

* = Other characters - has a handful of lines - important but not many lines.

Background characters will be drawn from any of the accepted voice actors that express interest.


Ellie - ****

  • Human. Young adult. Too good for this.
  • Needs to express a full range of emotions well.

Maud the Magpie - ****

  • Animatronic. Southern con-woman. Accent required.
  • Manipulative and unpredictable. Brace self for yelling.

Coolette the Rock Dove - ***

  • Animatronic. Rock star; extremely social.
  • Can lean more masculine. Somewhat sarcastic, but thoughtful.

Peppermint the Stoat - ***

  • Animatronic. Waterlogged; gurgles.
  • Pissed-off v. feminine bot that devolves into raspy growls.

Morgan the Alligator- ***

  • Animatronic. Pirate bartender. High pun tolerance required.
  • Cheesy, wise-cracking, and a little crass.

Lady Luck the Doe - Aya (Ayachan993)

Bad Joke the Skunk - **

  • Animatronic. Advanced. Must laugh a lot. Stand-up comedian.
  • Goofy puns and bad jokes. Laid back.

Samantha Vaughn - *

  • Human. Elderly. Utterly selfish and self-serving. Stern.

Penelope Briggs - *

  • Human. Nearly middle-aged. Pent up anger. Festering guilt.

Edith Branham - *

  • Human. A sweet little old lady. Burdened with guilt.


Chase the Coyote - CubicTuxedo

Ashes the Opossum - HisPurpleness

Ciao Ciao the Chow Hound - HisPurpleness

Rotten Luck the Raccoon - ***

  • Animatronic. Severely damaged. Raspy. Skittish.
  • Erratic. Hisses. Yelling required.

Pouncer the Cougar - ***

  • Animatronic. Has ‘seizures.’
  • Bouncer. Gruff, intimidating. Resentful.

Sick Riff the Wolf - **

  • Animatronic. Advanced. Stereotypical angry rock guitarist.
  • Exhausted. Deeper, somewhat rough voice. Coolness is bonus.

Pace the Buck - Robert A. Gray (Robipony)

Lester Banks - *

  • Human. Sleezebucket. Middle-aged. Smiling businessman.

Isaac Hunt - Robert A. Gray (Robipony)

Owen Campbell - *

  • Human. Paranoid. Hates who he’s become. Clever.

Androgynous, Trans, or Queer Coded:

Mama - ****

  • Hallucination. Highly distorted audio; stern.
  • Androgynous, leans more feminine.

Swan Song the Chicken - **

  • Animatronic. Advanced. Trans Female. Lead singer.
  • Strong-willed, charismatic, enduring. Rebellious.

Hip Beat the Gecko - **

  • Animatronic. Advanced. Trans Male. Drummer.
  • Enthusiastic, aggressive, and loud. “Kidcore.”

(Reminder that these could also go in the above, but I want to hire specifically from the groups in which they are attributed if at all possible.)

Remember, all you need to do is send me a short message through the contact page to start the application process!

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