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The new, massive update to Cardbot! Many new features have been added so check it out!

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Right now, Cardbot is in it's 9.0 Beta State. This game, has gone through many changes. From different plots, to whole new dimensions. Let's go back in time to see how these final versions came to be.

🎮 Gameplay


Ducking: It’s long due. You can now duck in Cardbot.

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New Attacks: In this version, I got some new attacks for Cardbot’s move-set.

Sweep Kick: While ducking, Cardbot can perform a sweep kick by pressing X.

Air Kick:In the air, press X to perform an Air Kick.

Up Air Kick: While in the air, Press W and X, and Cardbot will perform another kick for monsters above him.


More levels have been added to the game!

Perel 5.0

😈 Mares

Leapsand: Gives an extra boost.


😈 Balloon Bomber

Floating Platforms: Does what it does.


Low-Gravity: That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind!



Conveyor Belt: Don't get swept up!

Falling Platforms: They'll leave without you!



Growing/Shrinking: Get into small spaces.


Turning Level: The screen literally rotates indefinitely.


Something to fight.


Whatever you do--do not walk over the gravestones. If you happen to do so, you’ll summon upon an angry spirit, who’s thirsty for blood. They can go through walls and would suck the HP right out of Cardbot so watch out!

Balloon Bomber:

Watch out below! Balloon Bombers may look friendly, until you’re underneath them that is. They will throw multiple bombs at you, so be careful.

🎨 Graphics

In Development Notice:
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Minor cutscene Changes:
Minor dialogue changes. Fonts also changed in the cutscenes.
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New Game Over Screen:

There is a new Game Over screen on Cardbot. It's more cinematic than the last one which only says "Game Over!"

Cardbot has new jumping and falling animations
Improved Standard Combo animation

📢 Audio

Aero Music

Sparse Music

Dullands Music

🐞 Glitches

No glitches found!

❓ Misc.

Hall of Dimensions:
This will be an important site in Cardbot. It serves as a hub between Cardbot's dimension and the other dimensions. Here's how to enter it.
  1. Konami Code at the Pixit Logo ( UUSSADADXZ+ENTER) and it will take you to the Hall of Dimensions.
  2. In the cutscene after Perel, press shift to go to the Hall of Dimensions.
This place isn't done, but it works. Press the number on your keyboard to go to the selected Dimension

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Oh, Handsomebot...

Null Teaser:

It's just a Blue Screen of Death.

Test Room:

This is the testing area for Cardbot's controls. Press F5 at the Pixit logo to enter. While in there, you can fight monsters and see what's new for Cardbot's moveset.

Battle Mode:

Just check it out! (Unfinished)


Walking through enemies will now slow Cardbot down.

This concludes this edition of DoC. The Cardbot 5.0 file will be up in a bit! This concludes a major update, and the next versions will be major as well. Be sure watch this game for the next edition!

Meanwhile stay tuned! | -Mr. Pixit


Cardbot ©2018 Pixit Software

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