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The creation and the details of the Caracazo Menus.

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Hello IndieDB comunity!

Today we are going to show you how the User Interface design is currently, mainly the Menus.

First of all we spent a lot of time choosing the right fonts to use on these main screens where titles and subtitles are present. To choose the typefaces we used as a basis the need for a font that simulated a newspaper of the time and a font that simulated graffiti on the vandalized walls during the event.

For these two things we use the fonts Megalito Slab by deFharo and Anarchaos by Anomali Creative.

We also used the Dirty Old Town font in certain menus as it is a Serif Slab font with these worn touches that fit well in those menus.


Image 1: Main Menu screen using Megalito Slab font and Anarchaos font.


Image 2: Pause screen using Megalito Slab font and Dirty Old Town font.


Image 3: Game Over screen using Megalito Slab font and Anarchaos font.

You can see that we already have a preview of the shape of the game's logo, although it is not yet complete, but we use both the Megalito Slab and Anarchaos fonts, and the final name of the game will be "El Caracazo".

In addition to this, you can notice our progress in the design of the Main Menu, although we still need to detail a little more the background where an aerial view of the city of Caracas is shown.

Another thing to highlight is the design of the pause menu, which we will also use in the options menu, where a newspaper opens showing the different options and controls of the game.

This is the general idea of the menus that we are going to work with, the background of the main menu will be used for the screen of "Are you sure you want to exit the game?" and the pause will be used for other menus such as options and credits.

Important details to change are the aesthetics and the most practical position of certain buttons or information such as the controls. But that's all for this weekly post.

We hope u enjoy our today's article, see you soon!

Have a nice week and stay safe!


Burning Crusaders Studio

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