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Looks like Sol Avenger is on its way to success. Things are looking beautiful out here in space. Cleaning up the visuals is a key goal right now as we build a repository of fantastic imagery and video clips to share with the world. We're furthering the development across the board, read on to learn more about how this expansive universe is growing everyday.

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Andre and I are beginning to refine the build of Sol Avenger. Andre is working hard on smoothing the transition between the planet's surface to space and vice versa. We currently have no issues removing the load times from the transition, but we have been able to reproduce a bug where upon leaving the planet's surface the player ship becomes improperly re-oriented. Luckily Andre and I identified the problem and are working towards a fix.

The music is coming along very nicely, Ransom has finished a library of prototype sound effects. He reports that his work would be higher quality and less time consuming with a midi fighter. He has been saving for one, but we plan on pitching in to help him afford it. His music is inspired, and we feel compelled to give him the right tools to explore his talent.

Diana has recently built her work computer, and with a new art tablet as well, she is creating increasingly impressive concept art for the game. The current iteration of the Bivalvian lords, as well as the male and female pilots are very close to where we expect them to be, and still she is a perfectionist that continues to improve where we least expect her to.

As for me, Glenn, in addition to helping Andre with development, I have a large collection of excerpts of the Sol Avenger story, and I plan to create some fun articles to share with everyone about the setting and story of Sol Avenger.

Generally, we are very enthusiastically working, we are humbled by the social media attention we are getting, and we can't wait to make this game even better for the launch!


is the PC version going to be superior in anyway compared to android/ios?
Also which platform is being worked on first?

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QuantumForge Author

First of all thanks for the question and I want you to know these images are from the android mobile build! We are focused on mobile first! There is a PC version though and it has much more than the mobile versions. In tests the PCs are able to create more instances of enemies, polygons, explosions, weapon system effects, frequency of code execution, view distance, texture crispness, shader complexity, larger pools of asteroids, more accurate physics and so on... <3 PC. We actually spend the most time though perfecting it for mobile specifically android Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, S5 models because that's what we have handy most of the time. It turns out it takes a lot of time to test for mobile devices because we have to do a lot of work behind the scenes to find a balance between graphics and performance. Because we build for mobile it gives us an opportunity to make the game that much faster for all platforms which directly leads to a better experience for all versions of the game.

- Andre

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Dang - looks like fun! Best of luck to the team!


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