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Walljumping, Map Changes, Colored Crosshair, Beta Feedback, New Cosmetic.

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Welcome to the 9th Capsular Development Blog. Ive got a lot of feedback from my playtesters so i got lots to show.
This week marks the end of the 2 week Capsular Open Beta.

  • Walljumping
  • Map Changes
  • Colored Crosshair
  • Beta Feedback
  • New Cosmetics


This week i added Walljumping to Capsular. Walljumping enables you to jump off a wall to gain height and to suprise your enemies. You can perform a Walljump by pressing Jump while in the air near a wall.

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Map Changes:

There were quite some changes to Thundercreek and Lab based on Beta Feedback.
I simplified the upper Shotgun pickup spawn to improve visibility and navigation.

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Additionaly i chopped down some Trees because players kept getting stuck in them.

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In Lab i changed the pit in the Factory area a bit to make it more clear that you will die if you fall into it. I added Toxic Waste and Barrels to the area. I also added a Geigercounter ambient effect to the area to make it more clear whats going on.

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Colored Crosshair:

I added the ability to change the crosshair color of each weapon.

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Beta Feedback:

Now i got quite a lot of Beta Feedback these 2 weeks. I changed the volume of your own footstep sounds to be a bit more quiet since some people thought it was too loud. I also added the Ability to cancel your Slide midslide. You can choose to cancel the slide by releasing the slide key or by pressing the slide key again (Changeable in the Settings menu).

New Cosmetics:

I added a new TVHead cosmetic into the game. This Cosmetic is of Outstanding(Legendary) Quality and changes expression based on what your doing.

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Thanks to everyone who checked out the Capsular Open Beta.

Special Thanks to:

  • 199X Survivor Pro, DeefTheMegaWeeb, LapisLoserli, 12hoursOfDarkness and Nintendawgz for providing excellent feedback and suggestions.
  • KingyGamer for helping me debug the game.
  • Junn3, Sparktite, AbbyTheBunny, Q and Gayboi for streaming Capsular.

All of you will keep your key and some will be promoted to Playtester if you want.


That's it for this week! Make sure to follow the game on Twitter! Also checkout the new IndieDB page if you have some time. Until next week!

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