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Hello, I'm sorry to announce you that this Battlefield 2 Mod will not get achieved. Being alone to create it, and because of the lack of efficience of the Battlefield 2 software, I decided to abandon working on this. I am truly sorry for the Battlefield 2 fans. But there's a good news! Most of my 3D models will be used in an other Game Engine, The Unreal Developement Kit (UDK). I was indeed recruted in the Stargate Network Team.

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Again sorry for the fans of bf2


Fair enough, but anyway its sad...

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Cant you release what you have got in some sort of demo of some sorts, even if it doesnt work im shore some of us could make it work..

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Alpha473 Online

If you are the only one working on this project, nobody can complain.

But there is something to say which is true in every case, not only this - so don't take it personal, it isn't: it is a truly general matter.

When a mod dies, it would be fair, gentle and respectful of people who supported for such a long time to RELEASE all assets, even if useful only as resources.

This because just like nobody pay modders to mod, nobody pay fans to support, and after such a long time all of this hearted-support should be remunerated in some form, really do you think it is not?

So many mods after months or years of development when come in pretty almost-done status die without releasing a byte, just the author(s) to join another project, leaving so many people with nothing in hand after so many time spent supporting, encouraging, feedbacking, even testing.

This is NOT fair, not respectful, and in a certain degree not entirely honest and "some" would be tempted to use this wide-spread deprecable practice as a "show" of their abilities to more famous teams, using fans as an instrument of their personal ambitions. Not honest at all.


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Alpha473 Online

As it is not respectful to mods' authors and their work to troll as many do - but they are punished for it - it is not respectful to supporters to come, illude for so many time, make him/herself famous, and then closing it all at 99% done without releasing anything, just to leave and porting it all to another, more famous team when an offer came.

It is not honest, respectful or fair, and you all know.

Please stop. Or people will even stop using this site because of his one-project-one page system becoming useless and emigrate to game-specific mod sites, when you search directly for files and not care of all authors' movements, such as the nexus sites - which I already prefer despite had loved this site.

Again, it is not a personal matter, if it would, I would have used more strong words because it would be a one person bad behavior.

Instead it is very a general problem, so don't take it on personal, I could have written the same things in any other page, this is just one case in which I found the relative cold blood, as long as possible, to express my opinion without the use of strong words.

So, all the true wishes to your next project, I WILL check it and hope this would came... but mind the message, all authors please U-turn this tendency, or it will sink any supporting base hope, and no fans, no site at all, nor projects.


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Alpha gets it.

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