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This is a full standalone version of Ver. 2.52. Earlier versions of the mod are not needed. This mod will work with Warband versions 1.153 and higher. Please note that this patch was intended to preserve save-game compatibility with Ver. 2.5 and 2.51 saves but not all changes will show up in saved games.

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II. Changelog for Version 2.52

Version 2.52 is a full standalone version. This version includes all the bug fixes from Patch 1. The new changes in Ver. 2.52 include:

Version 2.52 New Credits (refer to Version 2.50 documentation for complete credits)

  • Leonion's Native Armor OSP which combines Native meshes with different native textures which were re-mapped to the mesh.


  • Fixed Rhodok Rangeman face code error that made them look like chinless, gormless idiots.

Known-still Existing Bugs

  • The Outposts OSP kit is buggy with these newer versions of Warband. My advice is to not use the Outpost feature until a fix can be found.

Troop Stat Changes

  • Kelton Gesith and Mounted Gesith now have appropriate level of power throw (Thanks to Minokz for pointing this out in my forum at Taleworlds).

  • Vaegir Marksman now flagged as guarantee_ranged.

  • Rhodok Rangeman crossbow proficiency has been increased.

  • Vaegir common foot troops have increased shield and ironflesh in some instances.

  • Reverted Caravan masters back to tf_mounted.

  • Gave Masterless Men, Hardended Masterless Men, and Outlaw Leaders power throw of 3,4, and 5 respectively.

  • Swadian, Vaegir, and Eastern Professionals now flagged as guarantee_gloves.

Troop Equipment Changes

  • Swadian Javelin thrower now equipped with javelins (thanks for FishFlop for bringing this to my attention).

  • Made changes to some of the armors in inventory for Custom Elite and Custom Mounted Elite- these changes won't show up until a new game is started.

  • Added new civilian clothing for most kings (will only show up in new games).

Animations Changes

  • Updated Hoboistice's animations for spears, crouching (thanks to Hoboistice for informing me about the updated animation codes and for his tutorial on using them).

Items Changes

  • Updated the 1-handed spears to better utilize the updated Hoboistice animations. These spears cannot be swung overhead but have an overhand and underhand attack.

  • Inserted carry appropriate carry codes for several pole-arms so that they carry on back properly (polehammer, poleaxe, halbard, nord halberd, and a few others).

  • Changed flags for Long Hafted Knobbed Mace and Long Hafted Spiked Mace to allow use on horseback (thanks to Minokz for pointing this out).

  • Created normal maps and specular maps for Igor BB armors that did not have them.

  • Added feminized mesh for Old Mail (thanks to Minokz for pointing this out).

  • Fixed the carry settings for Sarranid oval shields so that they carry on back properly.

  • Reduced the piercing damage on those sabres having both cutting and piercing capabilities (Shashkas, Avar sabre).

  • Fixed several more helmets that had beards showing through the mail coifs. There may be several others I haven't noticed yet.

  • Fixed the item flags of several of the face-plate helmets to show the eyes of the troop instead of just black.

  • Changed or modified several of my own armor textures to improve their appearance.

  • Slightly increased armor value for tableau heater shields (used by Swadians).

Script Changes

  • To reduce lord defections, changed simple trigger value to require a relation of -99 to trigger defections (old value was -75).

  • Modified the troop wages for mounted troops to differentiate between the lower costing common mounted troops and higher costing professional mounted troops.

Scene Changes

  • Replaced the Heardburgh Castle scene with a wooden castle (“grasslands fort”) from the Nordous Sceners Guild OSP. I modified the entry points to make it work with single-player.

Campaign Map Changes

  • Refined the map around Starfall Castle in the Kelton lands so that troops could have more space to move around the east side of the castle. There is now less area that is impassible to troops.


At last! Congratulations.

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Redleg99 Author

Thanks! Finally. I am working on one last full version and then calling it quits with my public modding.

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Oh! I hear you! I was kinda hoping to keep an eye for Mercenary unprising updates and progress at my own 'retirement'. :(

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Redleg99 Author

I expect that the ultimate version (let's call it version 3) will be released late this summer. I have a list of things I want to do, just need to find time to do it. I was hoping to finish early so I could spend more time on your mod! I haven't even had a chance to play your final version, although I did download it.

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Hehe, I am looking forward to sese the final product! :)

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