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"CALL OF DOOM Ver. 0.85" is NEW ARRIVAL ! PLEASE WATCH detailed information and Videos.

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If you are enjoying playing CALL OF DOOM, Please Vote.
I love all supporters! Thank you very much!

+ "CALL OF DOOM v 0.85" can be playable with "Brutal DOOM v 20b" or "Project Brutality 2.03 / 3.0 test"!!

BRUTAL DOOM v20b R(GZDOOM 3.0.0 ver)
Project Brutality 2.03
Project Brutality 3.0 test

+ 3 NEW weapons added !


+ Sten Mk.II
This is a souvenir celebrating that Call of Duty has returned to WW 2.
It is a good SMG for shooting a shower bullet on the enemy.

+ M3A1 Grease Gun
Fire Rate is LOW but One Shot Power is HIGH performance.

+ M1993 L.O.T.
It is a very rare secret weapon."LIKE OLD TIME"

+ 4 NEW CLASS added !


+Guns that were too strong for Ver 0.8 return to proper firepower at Ver 0.85
I adjusted "stronger than BRUTAL DOOM" to "as strong as BRUTAL DOOM."

+ For each weapon slot, you can only have one weapon.
Depending on the situation, you need to choose the weapon to pick up.

+ Can attack enemies with the action of dropping weapons.
When you drop a weapon, it will automatically switch to Pistol.
If you are attacked by an enemy while you are reloading, throwing a weapon to an enemy may give you the opportunity to fight back.

+"Powerful Recoil Guns" became Gentle Recoil Guns.

+ Armor revival.

+ M16A4 became 3-Burst-fire

+ US.M9 and USS.41 pistol can able to switch One-hand / Dual.



Looks good but will you fix that some weapons have different arms?

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Arrowood Author

As for "player's hand problem", it is ultimate pain in the *** that I correct it because the quoting games is different.
I think that there is a need for many animation craftsmen to redraw them.
Or, I need to take the help of a professional craftsperson who can modify the 3D data of the weapon of COD as it is.

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good job can you teach me how to make a mod?

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man you have other call of doom and what is the newest

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