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A checklist i made for the mod. I will try to finish the version 2 checklist which is at the bottom of the article. As always, comment your opinion on the mod and i'll try to reply to everything.

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Things That Are In Version 1:

1.12 flags for all ideologies and all sizes

2.All leaders for all ideologies

3.A new advisor, Monarchist who increases neutral popularity

4.Around 8 advisors,high command,chief of army,chief of navy and chief of air

5.2 National spirits

6.A national focus tree

7.The territory the Byzantine Empire had at it's highest

8.Two fleets (Granada, Spain and Sicily, Italy)

9.A handful of land units all around the country

10.A new leader trait, King's Son (For neutral leaders)

11.The Byzantine Republic is in the Interesting Countries menu!

12.Renamed the capital from Istanbul into Constantinopole

13.Fully localized the nation (country name,parties...)

Things I Can Add Into Version 2:

1.A new unit skin


Notify me if there is anything else i should add into the mod

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