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It's time to say goodbye to those poor C&C3 units that have been fired from release 2.

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Anyone who has played Red Alert History will know that I enjoy removing stuff even more than I enjoy adding!

In order to trim C&C3 gameplay staples and to lessen the 'Lasers' Vs 'Railgun' theme and also to slowly switch 'GDI' (Allies) from power/heavy units to tech and 'Nod' (Soviets) from tech to power/heavy units.

It also helps to focus on the Red History units too!
Without further ado:


  • Commando (Replaced)
  • Predator tank (Replaced)
  • Mammoth (Allies should not have such a large MBT)
  • Zone Troopers (Railguns)
  • Railgun upgrade (no longer required)


  • Obelisk (Lasers)
  • Attack bike (100% Nod; running around on little bikes!)
  • Beam Cannon (Lasers)
  • Avatar (Lasers. Replaced)
  • Nod Commando (Lasers)
  • Scorpion tank (Replaced)
  • Black Hand (Detracts from Grenadiers)


  • .... Have got everything back! They now play exactly like C&C3 Scrin

More updates coming soon!

RockRebel - - 965 comments

I thought you were going to say the mod died ! Don't scare us like that !

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Dimension9999 - - 265 comments

When I saw this word (BYE) In updates, I prefered to look at it at the last one. It made me really sad I swear. ;) Thx to not let your trackers. Keep Working, we are with ya!

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Diamond00744 - - 171 comments

I think, mod is dead)))

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Madin Author
Madin - - 2,077 comments

I really should be more careful with my title...

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