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Newly founded indie game studio, Buster Studios launches Buster and the Crystal Bones 1.0, their first game on the iOS App Store. Buster and the Crystal Bones is a 3D platformer with a challenging and fun gameplay inspired by the iconic console games from the 90s and reimagined for today's modern mobile devices.

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It's Buster here,

I was created by an independent games studio looking for their first release.

The peeps from the studio have conducted multiple twitter discussions with fans and noticed a sense of nostalgia going around for the time when so many of us used to enjoy the then dominating 3D platformers on our PlayStation and Nintendo consoles in our living room. Based on this they have built an iOS game that brings back the challenging gameplay and fun storytelling of the old time games for modern mobile devices where I, Buster am the main character.

In the game you would see me go on a journey across various levels, away from my home town of Dogstool to help save my owner - Professor James Beagles who works at the Dogstool Institute of Geology, Archeology, History and Obscure Language Ethnography (DIGAHOLE). Having studied the secrets of the ancient Maya at DIGAHOLE, Professor Beagles finds himself captured by an unexpected arch villain - the nasty Adelbert Adler and it is up to me rescue him.

Also, Along the way there is some simple and fun, but also challenging gameplay that will introduce replay value like we all used to enjoy with old school games in our living room in front of our TV sets, only this time we can enjoy it anywhere we want. This will give the audience some great trips to work and forget-to-get-off-the-toilet intense moments.


AppStore link

YouTube trailer

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