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StarCraft: Burning Ground Demo v0.4b Update. (A Mod for Starcraft: Brood War.)

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Burning Ground Tech Demo v0.4b EXE File
StarCraft: Burning Ground Tech Demo 0.4v

Starcraft : Burning Ground(A Mod for Starcraft: Brood War)
Requirments: StarCraft Brood War Version 1.16.1

This Mod is Demo version.
if you find bug or something like that, contact me.

Please setting starcraft version to 1.16.1MERC Project

StarCraft: Burning Ground

Director & Lead Programmer
The Best(

Plugin Programming
pastelmind and

Plugin Advise
Selshas Ranos(

AI Programming


ssa3233, Lewis(rlaeodhks80)

UI Interface

Music from Xenogenocide!
and World War III: Black Gold

Special Thanks
JabroniJim & Pr0nogo
moonsoldier, Kiith-Somtaaw
Atrox RTS

Thank you for playing this mod!

0.4 Mutiplayer Images
0.4 Mutiplayer Images
0.4 Mutiplayer Images
0.4 Mutiplayer Images
0.4 Mutiplayer Images

v0.4b KMC New Unit!
Hammerhead Tank


KMC Hammerhead Tank Complete.

Black_Overseer Author

known issue & bugs

Supply unburrow stuck
some Terran bldg's Addon Configure not working :(

what's new?

Plugin v0.4 list
Odin Crash fixed.
Hel's Angel(Viking) Hold Position error fixed.
Terran Addon Configure
Dropships lifting Thor like SC2
Nuke Missile Overlay
Protoss Chrono Boost
EUD Support
Bunker Salvage
Stimpack Overlay
Jet Vulture Building Attack
Jackson's Revenge Defensive Matrix

v0.4 New Unit/Bldg list
NEW Kel-Morian Combine Race Added!!
KMC New Building - Academy, Merc Compound
KMC Barracks New Unit - Sentinel, Centurion
KMC Factory New Unit - Jet Vulture, Centaur Warmech
KMC Starport New Unit - Valkyrie, Assault Dropship, Pirate Capital Ship
KMC New Super Unit - StarBase Bomber
Dominion Barracks New Unit - Ghost
Dominion Starport New Unit - Grizzly Dropship
Terran Comsat Station changed, Sensor Tower.

v0.4 Balance list
Giffon removed.
Spartan Company(Goliath) Dominion Factory -> KMC Factory
Hel's Angel(Viking) Dominion Factory -> Dominion Starport.
Hammer Securities Dominion Barracks -> KMC Barracks
Revenant Dominion Barracks -> KMC Barracks
Hale's Commando(Science Vessel) New Skill Add - Daisy Cutter. Deal 100 damage, Type : Normal.
some balance fixed.

v0.4 etc
UI Update
Selection Circle changed, more Cool.
Terran Missiles smoke effect, explosion changed.
Spartan Company(Goliath), Hel's Angel(Viking) Rework.
font change.
Kel=Morian Combine BGM Added. from World War III: Black Gold
Odin Voice and Odin Portrait changed.
Loki Portrait changed.
Terran Advisor Portrait changed.
Supply Depot Burrow/Unborrow Sound changed.
Death Head(Reaper) Weapon Effect changed.

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If this is just a demo of what i think will be a full version what will be in 1.0 I think you almost got all the work almost done

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Black_Overseer Author

it's just demo :)

no mission map.
Unfinished protoss race.

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Okay, i wanna download this demo...

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This is by far my favorite bw mod. It's still a demo, but what you have is incredibly well polished.

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This is a lot of fun! :D Glad its starting to take a nice shape already! Loving the ambience, font, unit factions and audio. This really is a nice little masterpiece.

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Black_Overseer Author

bugs & balance fix list.

Dominion marine damage nuff.

Vulture, Helion Speed buff.

When KMC lift-off the CC, the Comsat Sensor tower doesn't work again. - fixed.
Revenant upgrades and hability requeriments says "Ghost Academy" instead only "Academy" - fixed.
Viking should start in Fighter mode instead Assault Mode (is a starport, air units). - fixed.

call point invisibled.

known issue & bugs list

Supply unburrow stuck
some Terran bldg's Addon Configure not working :(
plugin performance problem. (lag)
When Adding Shriek turret to Bunker and you dont have the 40 minerals the icon changes but you never get the Turret.
KMC playing as Computer can't do anything (AI Problem)
Flag Beacon Crash

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Well done guys
Loving it.

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Black_Overseer Author

0.4b update!

known issue & bugs

KMC playing as Computer can't do anything (AI Problem)
KMC Computer Ai Crash. don't select KMC Computer!!

what's new?

Plugin v0.4b list
Nuke Missile Crash fixed.
Plugin Performance fixed. (pastelmind's help)
Hammerhead Tank Stealth
Supply Depot stuck problem fixed.
Bunker button error fixed.
Flag Beacon Crash fixed.

v0.4b New Unit/Bldg list
KMC Factory New Unit - Hammerhead Tank

v0.4b Balance list
Death Head, Siege Breaker is now Dominion Exclusive unit.
Warmech HP nuffed, 500 -> 450
Warmech Skill Tank Buster Range nuffed, 25 -> 20
Loki Super Unit HP nuffed, 2500 -> 1500
Odin Super Unit HP buffed, 1500 -> 3500

some balance fixed.

check out launcher!

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very powerful..
have any new update? 0.4c or 0.5?

thank you!

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