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Burning Ground Demo 0.2a Release. Sound Pack is important.

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Burning Ground Tech Demo v0.3b Torrent File
StarCraft: Burning Ground Tech Demo 0.3b

Starcraft : Burning Ground
(A Mod for Starcraft: Brood War)
Requirments: StarCraft Brood War Version 1.16.1

This Mod is Demo version. if you find bug or something like that, contact me.
Please setting starcraft version to 1.16.1


Director & Lead Programmer
The Best( & Black_Overseer(

Plugin Programming

Plugin Advise
Selshas Ranos(

AI Programming

Special Thanks
JabroniJim & Pr0nogo

Battle.Net Skin and Spanish Translation Support

Thank you for playing this mod!

Burning Ground Demo v0.3b Download
Microsoft SkyDrive
part 1 part 2 -
Black_Overseer Author

known issue & bugs

Supply unburrow stuck
Bunker Overlay, Button Problem.
Science Vessel Skill Overlay bug.

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Black_Overseer Author

what's new?

SCV Glow, portrait, wirefram, cmdicon Added.

Science Vessel Glow, portrait, wirefram, cmdicon Added.

Bunker Turret plugin complete. (RavenWolf's Support)

Thor Walking sound added. (thebesttester suggestion)

Medic terrible path finding bug fixed. SCV stuck bug fixed.

various bug fixed.

some unit names fixed, Fusion Core Liftoff button removed, tooltip fixed (Templarfreak feedback)

decrease Command Center supply. 15 -> 11

Merc Devil Dog cost decrease mineral 125 gas 35 -> mineral 100 gas 25
Griffon Air Attack changed, weapon type changed.

Building Armor Upgrade Added.

Death Head range Upgrade Added, Warpig range Upgrade removed.

Ghost Graphic changed. -> Revenant, Lockdown effect changed.

Bldg cmdicons patched, some bldg wirefram added.

Loki Yamato Cannon range decreased, build time increased.

Dusk Wing splash damage deleted, damage nuff. now 14(x2)

Bldg Detection Area bug fixed.

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Black_Overseer Author

use this link!

this file is only EXE file, don't need sound pack.

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Game crashes when i go to the enemy base on the right side.(first mission)
0x0040b74c 0x01010201

Else, very nice work :)

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