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HSI brings some Holiday cheer, with some very very important news!

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Hope you all enjoyed the holidays, especially your New Years festivities! I know I'm still feeling last night so this update might be slow...

Star Factory

Ringleader has been hard at work getting the shipyard prettied up and in game for all of you. There have been many long hours spent between RL and our coder, Rapid 107, working on the docking paths and scripting nuances involved. Without further adieu, Tosche Station:

Details on the top surfaces

Intricate Normal Maps give the flat sides some serious depth

Tosche Station: Repair and Refit Complex

Alpha and Omega

Today marks a major phase shift in the HSI development: Alpha Testing! Ringleader has been working extra hard to get a playable build ready for you guys, and it's done! You guys may hate me for this, but I was able to talk him into a closed Alpha instead of a public beta for this New Years gift, but it's all to ensure that when the public gets the working Beta, any and all hiccups will have already been addressed. Now, you may be wondering who is getting access to this closed Alpha. Ringleader has chosen a small group of individuals from the Homeworld modding community, and I have chosen a handful of this mods Followers. If all goes well, you'll have your own copy sooner than you know!

Bullet in the Breach

theactingcaptain - - 134 comments

Brilliant update, what you've got so far looks simply amazing! Can't wait to see more.

Keep up the excellent work =]

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Goblix - - 20 comments

Very nice! Where have I seen that station from though? There's something familiar about it.

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880Zero - - 2,550 comments

Ringleader was with Halo Homefront for a while.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Goblix - - 20 comments

Ah that makes sense then. I still think they should just become a single team again, much more productive.

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Quirel - - 32 comments

As someone who worked with the Halo Homefront team, it's for the best that Ringleader and Velo are working on separate teams, where they aren't trying to strangle each other.

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V3LO - - 1,887 comments

^ that

Me and ringleader don't gel together. We have plans to contribute to each other, but working together never worked too well.

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56er - - 1,253 comments

srsly, the frigate is so awesome!

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Falleen - - 167 comments

Only complaint is the name of the station. It just annoys me for some reason. Its almost like some blonde kid is going to be whining about going there and something about power converters.

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RINGLEADER - - 358 comments

Heh, I'm glad someone got it.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
tadamir - - 525 comments

Yea nice SW ref, but it is rather clumsy to pronounce in yer head.

Aside from that, bloody awesome work. :D

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