Ninjatheory is a United States Marine, currently stationed in Okinawa, Japan. He is also a part of the Halo: Starside Intercept team as Public Relations.

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When I'm not off saving the world, I'm normally playing videogames. Currently I'm in the middle of Blue Dragon, Infamous, Crysis 2, and Magicka. I just finished Portal 2 and Mortal Kombat, so I'll be reviewing those!

Thinking With Portals

Portal 2 was an extremely entertaining ride, constantly causing me to just stop and laugh, stop and think, or just stop and smell the testing. I've seen a LOT of fan reviews saying the game is bad, but I think they may be missing the point. One reviewer even complained about how GLaDOS doesn't sound as robotic. Well, if he payed attention to the story, he'd have found out why that happened. The game is roughly 6 hours on a first play through, getting down to less than 4 after depending on how fast you go and how much you remember.

Thankfully they only mention the whole cake thing once, and not outright, since that joke was worn out a long time ago, but they do introduce a whole new meme to the world.

The Coop was extremely fun! I was playing splitscreen on my 50inch and the constant failure and "oh, let me try, I think I got it!" kept the experience alive. And of course GLaDOS' scheming. Rest assured, we saved science.

There isn't too much you can say about this game without spoiling bit of the story. Let's just say Valve thought of everything.


Next up is Mortal Kombat. It's very much the Mortal Kombat you've grown to love. The biggest thing that keeps it separated from the myriad of other fighters out there is the solid story. Most fighting games have some loose story mostly meant only as a bridge between fight, but Mortal Kombat's Story Mode actually takes you through the lore, giving the characters reason to fight. There is still a bit of disbelief that must be suspended, but it's all taken in stride.

Outside of the Story Mode there is a 300 level challenge tower, a similar Co-op tower, Arcade Ladders, Tag Ladders, Versus and Xbox Live. Unfortunately I can't really talk about fighting on xbox live, as my internet over here is rather shitty. For a country that has the highest level of internet access, you would think that they could make it good.

Portal gets a 10/10
Mortal Kombat gets an 8/10 (If you don't like fighters, you still won't like this)



NinjaTheory Blog

well that my friend, you gotta get a tour guide. living in this **** hole had'nt got me time to see more of them other cultures. but i do hear of them.
we are split to different races; malay, chinese, indians, and eurasians ~mainly.
There are areas for these cultures that you can know more about.
malay~ you can find them culture chilling around kampong glam.
chinese~ got buisnesses up in chinatown here by the banks of singapore river.
indians~ didnt pay attention on them in human geography.
eurasians~ not that i know of.

you could hook me up if you do come by and i could show you around, givin you a lil help when you are here.(not that i can talk to you about everything here)
IF im here. otherwise i'll be in australia,perth with stepdad.

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reply to my wall ~~

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sorry for the later reply dude, school had me away from this. okay singapore. the southern side is a good place for tourist, downtown if you call it. theres the singapore river, the esplanade, the tall buisness buildings. and theres the singapore flyer, big ferris wheel. 25bucks last i heard . the Marina Bay Sands has a casino. you could waste some money there, or the water/lighting show just outside it. starts around 8pm i guess. alright, **** to avoid. basically here, you dunt look for trouble, you dunt get trouble. but if you do, the police here has strict rules that protect those tourist here from harm.(but your here for fun right?) okay. ***** houses are located in one spot. Geylang. they've got girls from thailand, philipines, maybe some local.

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Happy Early Birthday to Halo:Homefront!!!

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i mean like add on the bottom so like alot of those legal crap that you see all way at the bottom of games and stuff, so mircosoft cant nail your mod for copyright infringement

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