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Change logs for builds 169 and 170 released on steam.

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Build 170 change log

  • Made it easier for the Skulk to leap onto and off ceilings and walls
  • Replaced mini-leap with normal full leap and removed leap upgrade
  • Fixed bug allowing Fade to blink out of the world
  • Changed melee weapons attack timings to be in sync with the animation
  • Added a special sound effect when the Skulk or Fade attack a structure
  • AI entities will no longer go into other entities (no more Mega MAC Stack Attacks)
  • Toned the Skulk camera tilt down a bit (slower transition and less of an angle)
  • Added console command "skulk_view false" to disable Skulk camera tilt while on wall
  • Added some checks to the Gorge Hydra and Infestation creation code to not use energy or slow down if a placement is invalid due to location or cost
  • Improved MAC jet effect
  • Fire effects added to environment folder for mappers to use
  • Fixed bug preventing players from chatting right after they die
  • Fixed bug related to getting minimap coordinates from an invalid player
  • Fixed bug preventing MAC from repairing structure armor
  • Fixed bug where the game wouldn't properly disconnect from Steam
  • Fixed issue where the Editor would crash if a level file contained invalid face mapping data
  • Fixed a few tooltips

Build 169 change log

  • Fixed bug where the sound would cut out
  • Improved shotgun animations and effects
  • Changed shotgun so shots can be continuously fired and reloaded by holding down the fire button
  • Improved animation of pistol hammer when reloading and out of ammo
  • Removed camera shake while using primary pistol mode
  • Fixed bug preventing some weapons from idling after shooting with no more ammo
  • Moved Lerk spike emission point up a bit
  • Added Hydra spike hit sound for marines

"• Changed shotgun so shots can be continuously fired and reloaded by holding down the fire button"

Continuously fire and reload? Or do you mean continuously fire and chamber a new round?

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I think he means that holding the reload button will reload continuously, and that holding the fire button will fire continuously.

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