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We take a look at placing roads and working with traffic in this 'work-in-progress' dev diary video.

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Here's a video we just took of the Road/Traffic system I've been working on recently. Shows a fairly decent amount of things:

  • General road placement
  • How intersections work (with some debug lines thrown in at times)
  • Terraforming - I use a cheat method, regular players will need to use shovels and trucks to clear out areas. But the function I have will be included as a special 'vacuum' tool you'll be able to purchase/unlock in game eventually (we've talked about a truck with this functionality as well). * - By purchase I mean as a game object with in-game currency - not a cash shop thing*
  • Destruction of roads and sidewalks (my personal favorite feature at the moment)

Hope you guys like it.

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Looks fantastic. Keep it up!

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TouchTiltGames Author

Thanks, Sph!nx! We're trying! :D

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Love to see what roads look like cut along cliffs and through hilltops. Tracking.

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TouchTiltGames Author

Yeah that depends on a few conditions. Currently we're working with a terrain engine (that you see in the videos) which will change eventually to a better one with more flexibility.

But anyway one of those conditions is because the terrain is grid-based, roads and sidewalks cant be placed diagonally on the grid, so given a road piece is something like 10x2 squares, your cliff/hill would need to line up with this. You could just go and create your own hill or cliff with terraforming, too.

Another condition is we've set a max value for slopes to build roads on. If that value is too high, you can't place a road. We didn't want crazy 45° angles for NPC vehicles and your own that you drive. :) A way around that is - yes to cut around a big mountain by terraforming to create cliffs as long as it's somewhat flat.

But again we'll look at improving on all this when we get the new terrain engine, we'll have a lot more room to play :)


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