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This week at TouchTilt we tackled animation interaction and worked on the upcoming pre-alpha kickstarter/greenlight launch trailer!

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Every Friday we're going to post a short article on our week's progress along with some new images and/or video to go along with it.

So this week at TouchTilt we were working on a whole bunch of cool stuff for Buildanauts - at the same time! Jeremy was busy coding mostly animations we received from our talented animator to work with gameplay actions and I was working on the pre-alpha, Kickstarter/Greenlight launch trailer and some texture work. Some of those animations that we had finished were:

1. Climbing into trucks
Because our trucks are different heights, we needed slightly different animations and timing for each. Our trucks are rigged with bones so it was also timing the door joint to open at just the right time and then triggering the sitting animation.

2. Climbing terrain
This one didn't take too long to implement. In this case we factored in the character controller, raycasting for the surface and height to trigger the animations.

Other animations we had finished but not necessarily integrated yet were:

  • Shovel Digging
  • Jackhammering
  • More idle states
  • Hammering
  • Pickaxe
  • Waving
  • Driving

And many more.

Next week we'll have the trailer ready to launch mid-week most likely. The next thing we may tackle is hill angle to work with sloped roads and sidewalks that you build.

Shane & Jeremy

Steam Greenlight Concepts:
Kickstarter Sneak Peek Preview:
TouchTilt Games:


looks very promising so i would love to donate for that so i have Paypal so how i would donate?

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TouchTiltGames Author

@rsdworker We'll be launching on Kickstarter and Greenlight soon. So the alpha will be available instantly on certain kickstarter tiers and then on Steam Instant Access after Greenlight. Both we hope to launch before the end of the month!

But yes after the Kickstarter campaign we'll also run Paypal on our site through the humble widget and that will get you instant access to our current build.


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nice i would try get in the tier soon but with paypal is easier

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