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Steam Build Update #101. New features, bug fixes, and other tweaks.

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1- Reworked animation and code structure for throwable in combat
2- New enemy throwable attack type and animations
3- Control scheme for mission Area
4- More buttons to navigate mercenary UI
5- Penalty warning when returning to the title screen during combat
6- Penalty warning when returning to the title screen or withdrawing to map in the mission area
7- "+" sign as a level indicator in the weapon pad for upgraded weapons
8- Randomizer for LV Up attributes
9- Crisis HUD in dialogue
10- New perk drops in chapter 1
11- Boss and mini-boss added in chapter 1
12- Additional dialogues for chapter 1



1- Mechanical character using a wrong material tag
2- Inaccessible grids for no reason
3- Dialogue line wrapping issues in a few locations
4- Wrong icons in UI control schemes
5- Wrong grid and tile layer issues
6- Typos in dialogue and descriptions
7- Mission countdown bar fissure issue
8- Friendly units getting removed without deploying
9- Wrong display in the system menu
10- Wrong perk reward in missions
11- Selling grenade crash the game during combat
12- Certain perk cards should drop only once
13- Display issue when switching weapons mid-attack
14- Cannot give more than 1 grenade for mission reward
15- Wingman reward not taking effect instantly in the prologue
16- Minor crash issue in the prologue
17- Other stability and crash fixes
18- Prologue withdraw disabled
19- Wingman menu crash after weapon broke in combat



1- Layers and object layout issues in multiple missions tweaked
2- Enemy spawn and item drop rate rebalanced
3- Mission rewards
4- Crisis HUD icons position tweaked
5- Perk Han-Banliang buff changed to AMR+10
6- Withdraw penalty now with a detailed number


We are on!

Uploaded a free demo on It contains only the prologue where you can learn the basics of the game.
Try the free demo at C-Wars by Onipunks (


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