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Build A Mini Escape Game in this quick overview of ADLENGINE. ADLENGINE is a multiplayer text-based roleplaying game engine.

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Video overview showcasing ADLENGINE, complete with Developer commentary, stepping you through creating a mini escape game in Adliberum Engine and how to use the engine to create cool interactive fiction.

Launch the engine at

Would love to see how you can improve on the game. Enter the commands below to create a mini escape scenario...

new map

room name is Trapped
room description is You are standing in a room with only a skull atop a stone plinth for company
room image is trapped

build skull.obj
build plinth
skull description is It has an odd sheen to it

if take skull then delete skull and build key.obj
on take skull say It slips from your grasp, smashing on the ground below
if build key.obj then build skull fragments
on build key.obj say You spot a small key amongst the broken skull fragments

build hatch.exit

build exit u
exit u is hidden
exit u is locked
exit u is closed
hatch is hidden
hatch is locked
hatch is closed
hatch controls u
if look up then hatch is visible and exit u is visible
on look up say You spot a hatch in the far left corner of the ceiling

look u== look up
look around==look up
search==look up
search around==look up
look for exits==look up
scan room== look up
search room==look up

room is dark
room name is You Escaped
room description is You scramble through the hatch and run towards a set of stairs in the hope they
lead out to your freedom
room image is escaped

build exit d

//finally download your game file.


If you are excited about adlengine help us by voting on steam at

[ optional extras for increased accuracy and reduced 'I dont understand that' ]
> stone plinth==plinth
> small key==key
> skull fragments==fragment
> the skull==skull
> the key==key
> the plinth==plinth
> the stone plinth==plinth
> the small key==key
> the skull fragments==fragments


> look at skull
> take skull
> take key
> look around
> unlock hatch
> open hatch
> u
You Win.

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