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We had a challenging month and a half that was full of bug fixes and system revamps - but we feel that the new combat system is ready for deployment!

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A brand new way to fight.

Our first Early Access patch is a big one in terms of underlying system design and code. BUCK's entire melee system has been re-made from scratch to support a new way to use weapons, slow motion effects, particle effects and more! Before we continue to add story content, we decided to focus on the core gameplay of BUCK. We strongly believe that the new system will feel much better to use and will look absolutely killer when you dispatch enemies with new and badass moves!

Here is the full list of changes this patch brings to the game:


  • You will no longer need to switch between your equipped weapons. Use default input W,D on keyboard and Y,B on Xbox Controller to use your top and bottom weapon slots, respectively.
  • Buck can now Shoot with his Pistols in both directions.(See tips and combos for more information about Melee and Weapon attacks).
  • Reverse fire with the Shotgun.
  • Juggle enemies in the air with Melee or Ranged Weapons.
  • Dodge mid-combo to reach far enemies and continue fighting.
  • Use Melee attacks with ranged weapons without consuming ammo.
  • New Guzzler move-set and attack types.Buck will now be able to switch sides during any combo to better attack enemies from two fronts.
  • Buck will now be able to switch sides during any combo to better attack enemies from two fronts.
  • Swing the Guzzler mid-air.
  • Added a new screen shake effect to all of buck's weapon and melee attacks.
  • Added the same screen shake effect to all enemy attacks.
  • Added impact effects for enemies to better indicate when they are hit and by what. (Ligh flashes for melee, small impacts for pistols and larger ones for the shotgun).
  • Added new Muzzle Flashes to Buck's Pistols and Shotgun attacks.

Additional Changes:

  • Fixed Keybindings issues.
  • Added a new resolution selection panel in the options menu.
  • Fixed an issue with Fast-Travel map functionality
  • Guzzler has been added to the weapon locker.
  • Weapon locker has received some visual updates.
  • The pages in Buck's journal have been changed to light-brown color to improve clarity.
  • If Buck dies and is pushed into a scene transition, he should no longer re-spawn with 0 HP.
  • Buck's angled head texture has been updated (visible when opening inventory, jumping and sliding).
  • Buck will now face towards the background more when talking to characters who aren't in his direct line of sight. (Dialogues with Ace and Zack).
  • Buck's HUD now displays the current input for both the top and bottom weapon slots.
  • Each weapon slot now has it's own rebindable reload key.
  • Looting and interacting default key on controller has been changed to "Left Analogue Stick Down".
  • Fixed an animation issue that occurred when Buck jumps up instead of forward.
  • Buck has received a "nose job" to shorten his muzzle a bit.
  • Mouse support has been added to all UI elements.
  • Combos Screen has been updated with more information about Shotgun,
  • Guzzler and Pistols combos.
  • Some Visual tips have been updated for new controller scheme.
  • Guns with ammunition and additional healing items have been added to various locations.
  • Steam Trading cards, wallpapers and badges have been added to the game.

As you can see, this patch packs quite a punch! If something broke or if you run into any issues, let us know right here on our Steam forums or on any of the following:


Please keep giving us your awesome feedback and watch yourself out in the Wasteland!

This is the first time we're patching our game client on Steam so it's possible that in some cases your previous save could be lost. Please let us know if this happens to you on the forums!

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