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This is a quick report on the progress of BSS since the last update.

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A few people brought it to my attention that, this mod would get more
hits if we updated the ModDB page. They stated that they almost passed
the mod because they thought it was dead.I am writing here to inform
the viewers that we will not be updating this page every time we have
an update. At best we will update this page for MAJOR updates only. If
you are the type of person that needs updates every week or every other
day then please visit the website at for more frequent updates.

Since im already here, i might aswell give u a few updates.
We have a new animator by the name of velentry and we have cloud back, but only as freelance for now.
The mapping progress is goin along pretty smooth and i myself have actually started mapping.

The wip images and videos will be released at a later date as one huge
update package so stay tuned and check the site ( for
the "WIP package"


Not making use of such an excellent site to publish your news to let people know about the mod is just plain stupid imho.
Its not really much effort to keep mod profiles updated here

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Just as i wrote on our forum, it would be meaning less to flood the page with meaningless updates, unless you really care for the development of the mod.

ModDB have a huge community, who expect to see something new, something which makes sense to read, and many uses the site to find upcoming interesting mods or released mods.

Overall, its a lack of usage yes. However, coming with every update of ideas and details, would both spam the mod page, and the "updates" in watched mod page.

We might come with an update which makes people expect something cool, and then we might realize we can't do it anyway.
So, to save you from alpha developmental design and features, we keep suggestions and ideas updated on our site.

This will avoid mixing suggestions and realizations for new viewers of this mod.
It will ensure that the releases on this site is in the quality we want to work with.
People who are interested in this mod, but not the entire development, will get related news, and news which shows the good work by us, so the mod looks more interesting at first sight.

Earlier we updated modDB more frequently, but we started over on the hl2 engine, some needed to get used to that, and we wanted to ensure the quality of our work before we released it.

We also had some problems, with people applying for a position and later to found unable to contact - which affected in a resignation of the position.

This would be rather irrelevant to keep updated at modDB, and that is probably why we also downgraded the priority of updating modDB

Those who are deeply interested in our development and want to be kept updated in everything, and have a effect on the mod development; They can freely come join our site, it's also available to just come by once a week, if you just are a bit interested in the alpha development.

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Very good point.

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