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The latest version of Brytenwalda is finally released: 1.34. Many, many things have changed. Please see link for list of new features and changes.

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The central element in early Anglo-Saxon politics is the 'imperium' (empire) over all 'English' peoples south of the Humber which Bede ascribes in his Ecclesiastical History (ii 5) to seven kings before 671. To these seven, the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle of Alfred's time attaches not only an eighth name but also a vernacular word, 'Bretwalda', or 'Brytenwalda'Brytenwalda = Bryten - Britain and walda - ruler. Brytenwalda, almost certainly the right form. 'Bretwalda' may be a 'ghost' word, born of a scribal slip.

  • Brytenwalda installation and troubleshooting (Look if you have problems for install):
  • Game Languages: english and french
  • Notes: No multiplayer or custom battle mod. If you wish do them, you can send pm to a brytenwalda member team.

Step 1.- Download the latest version (currently v1.34)
Step 2.- Double click and INSTALL ITImport, writte your install rute: "mountblade warband\Modules".
Steam users should extract it in "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\mountblade warband\Modules".

If you can't find the "Modules" folder use the Search function. If you already installed Brytenwalda and want to make a clean install, delete the old folder, DO NOT OVERWRITE IT.Step 3.- Now the game is starting, you should see a loading bar at the bottom, and after that, the Play Tutorial, Start New Game, etc. options. If it is possible START A NEW GAME.Now you'll see a screen that reads "Wait three minutes". The game has not frozen (yet), it may take 1 and 3 real life minutes to load, just be patient. I know, I know... in three minutes you can crush dozens of bandits, but we must wait a while.Now, you should be fighting your very first combat in Brytenwalda, so enjoy it and good luck!

Brytenwalda Dev.

Chezzlor - - 860 comments

YES! oh man this is great news. I read the feature list and I am blowing up with excitement. Great work!

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plumo - - 82 comments

Is it possible that the download servers dont work?

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thefox61 - - 209 comments

um, is the update on desura?

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puffmasta300 - - 2 comments

man nothing works for me

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thefox61 - - 209 comments

um, i dont think that i know were the update is its not here

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LordAndross - - 27 comments

Lad's, head on over to the Taleworlds forums in order to find ALL the mount and Blade games and their mods. Another good site is either MBFan or the MBRepository. Google is your friend.

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kevinpepito - - 2 comments


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kevinpepito - - 2 comments

so u cant download it wer it says play mod

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