Post news RSS Brutal Doom 64 is not the only released mod for Halloween! DooD is back!

"DemeD frorf HeeH ara baab!" Remember the "DooD" mod for Doom 1 & 2? Now the same mod is available for Doom 64!

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Happy Halloween! You thought that only Brutal Doom 64 is the thing that will shock you? No way! Remember the "DooD" mod for Doom 1 & 2? Now you can get the same mod for Doom 64 (EX sourceport)!

This mod works ONLY for Doom 64 EX sourceport (DOES NOT WORK WITH ZDOOM/GZDOOM/ZANDRONUM/anything else!).

Before install please make a backup copy of the DOOMSND.sf2 file (sounds archive). After that copy files from archive to game folder, replacing old DOOMSND.sf2 file. To run this mod open Launcher.exe and type "D6446D.wad" (or "-file D6446D.wad") below in command line.

You can download this mod here.


sry not a dood fan my self

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Awesome. Looking forward for it.

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You're saying that to almost everything, please pass this test:

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absolute pointless mod waste of time!

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