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BRM is back with a new release, packing a range of new features and some important bug fixes. Check the full article for details of the changes and improvements.

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BRM version 2.0.8 continues the enhanced trend of BRM and contains the full squad system interface and includes a number of new and exciting features that will add life to your server's gameplay.

The 'classic' BRM style (with a CoD2 style weapon selection menu) is still available and can be enabled with a change to a single dvar. See the squad system documentation for more info.

This release concentrates on fixing some existing bugs and improving a number of minor code issues behind the scenes. Those of you who want some new 'stuff' (whatever that stuff may be) will not be disappointed however.

To create Class loadout configs for the new RO style loadout menus you will need to download the new Squad Builder from the BRM download page.

To enable the RO style class menus, change the value of the bro_squadbased dvar to "2". Please check out the included squadSystem.txt for more documentation about this new feature.


New Features:

  • Added Red Orchestra style loadout interface
  • Retrieval gametype
  • Deployable BAR added to classic mode
  • Dropped jammed weapons can be picked up again
  • Medic waypoints now track injured players
  • Ability to disable AT weapons on a per map basis
  • Auto join squads in enhanced squad mode (ret & S&D). Credits to bschiltmans for info about joinSquad
  • New dvar to allow NCO's to designate mortar target
  • Tactical crouch mode added - advanced punishment code by [509th] LoneWolf
  • Dvars added to scale earthquake effects
  • Added dvar to disable weapon for first # seconds of round
  • New clan icons: 1eBPC


  • Removed arm waving animation when suppressed
  • Updated squad builder
  • Magazines are preserved correctly on dropped weapons
  • Updated objective mover for S&D and Retrieval
  • Added correct weapon names to scoped rifles on pickup
  • Admin panel has the stock / custom button prefixed with word "Toggle"
  • Dvar to exclude maps from the admin map switcher
  • Red Medic! shout text
  • Spawn shooting warning moved to center screen
  • Increased burn fx time for b3 !burn
  • Dvars added to control times / scales of impact effects and weapon disable time.

Bugs Squished:

  • Fixed loadout menu interface, can now have duplicate primaries
  • fixed bug where extra items might not be assigned to correct weapon
  • Multiple objective mover configs (i think!)
  • Closed 2 menu exploits
  • Firemode / bayonet toggle option no longer disappears
  • Fixed supply drop rearming for full clip weapons
  • Medic waypoint size reduced correctly
  • Fixed duplication of maplist in admin panel
  • Sniper hit-reg improved (thanks to PzgR3 and 34th ID)
  • Fixed round time conflict with HQ reinforcement timer
  • Fixed napalm damage inflicted while inside
  • Strafing planes now target enemies correctly

Full Readme


Awesome features!!!

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